Married to the Church (Updated)

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Married to the Church (Updated)

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Full Description

Originally published in 1995, this book about a group of Roman Catholic seminarians has been updated in the wake of the recent sexual abuse scandal in the church. In the 1950s, Raymond Hedin was one of a group of adolescents entering seminary during a time of dramatic change. When they emerged as young men, they found that their sense of themselves as special, chosen by God, afforded them no special protection from the turmoil they encountered from without and within. "Married to the Church" tells the story of those men, the changes they have undergone, and the strategies they employ to live their lives well. For this new edition, Hedin re-interviewed many of these men to learn their reaction to the recent scandal and its impact upon their lives.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Introduction to the Updated Edition xi
Introduction xxxv
1. An Unfinished Story 1 (10)
2. The Haven of the Seminary 11 (36)
3. Once a Seminarian 47 (12)
4. Stirring Up Ghosts 59 (12)
5. The Personal Plight 71 (54)
6. Finding a Place in the World 125 (48)
7. Divorced, Still Married 173 (20)
8. A Livable Priesthood 193 (50)
9. A Sense of Story 243 (6)
Afterword 249 (3)
Notes 252 (9)
Index 261