【Books Kinokuniya Tokyo】 Book Talk (June 29th Sat 4pm) "Soji - The Power of the Routine"

Soji - The Power of the Routine

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author photo: Kensaku Seki

We are delighted to invite Buddhist monk Rev. Shoukei Matsumoto, best-selling author of "A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind" for a book event on June 29th. Cleaning or "Soji" is an important part of daily routine in Buddhist monasteries in Japan. In this event, Rev. Matsumoto will introduce you to Soji culture in Buddhism. A few simple changes in your routine will help you make your home calmer and cleaner, and your mind refreshed and happy!

  • DATE and TIME: June 29th Saturday, 4:00 pm (event will be roughly 1 hour long)
  • PLACE: Event space, Books Kinokuniya Tokyo
  • Admission: Free, and no reservations are necessary. Please come to the event space directly.

The language used will be English, although guests are welcome to ask questions in either Japanese or English. There will be a book signing following the talk. Rev. Matsumoto's book will be available at the venue, approximately 900 yen per copy. Cash or credit cards are accepted.

Shoukei MATSUMOTO 松本紹圭 is a Buddhist Monk in Komyoji Temple. Born in 1979 in Japan, he graduated with B.A. degree in Literature from the University of Tokyo. Right after graduation, he joined Komyoji temple and initiated new projects such as Temple Café Project. In 2008, the association was awarded "Shoriki Matsutaro Prize" from a foundation for education. He completed MBA from Indian School of Business as an Ambassadorial Scholar of Rotary Foundation in 2011. After MBA, he started a project of "Mirai no Jushoku-Juku" or temple management school for Buddhist priests and monks. In 2013, he was nominated as a member of Young Global Leaders 2013 from World Economic Forum in Davos. He has published five titles and "A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind" was translated into over fifteen languages. Twitter: @shoukeim

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