【Books Kinokuniya Tokyo】 Meet the Author! Stefan Bachmann Signing July 5th

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Meet the Author

Stefan Bachmann

Author of "The Peculiar"

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Photo by Teresa Grieder

Meet Stefan Bachmann, the author of the international YA bestseller "The Peculiar" and "Whatnot"- part gothic fantasy, part mystery, Rick Riordan has praised "The Peculiar": "Stefan Bachmann's sparkling debut is sure to get a lot of well-deserved notice". This will be a treat for fans!!

Book Signing Event on July 5th Saturday

From 2:00pm - approx. 2 hours

Children's section, Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

"The Peculiar", "Whatnot", or "Cabinet of Curiosities"

Books can be purchased in the store at the event

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For inquiries, call 03-5361-3316 Books Kinokuniya Tokyo. Open 10:00 -8:30pm daily.

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