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About KinoDen
KinoDen, Kinokuniya Digital Library is a cloud-based digital library service provided through the Internet. It was launched in 2018 with academic Japanese ebooks including recent titles.
KinoDen Features
- Full text search function for all titles including unpurchased titles.
- All titles have a preview file for a library user’s inspection.
- Responsive web design for PCs, smartphones and tablets.
- Compatible with ebook reader app bREADER Cloud Reader.
 (Offering useful functions as bookshelf, highlight, note, etc.)

…and more useful functions for administrators and users are available!
- Use of the service is verified via the global IP Address(es).
Purchase Model
- Outright purchase (Pick & Choose), Standing Order and Set Purchase are available.
* Subscription model will be available in the near future.
Introduction Video

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Customers in North America :
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Kinokuniya Bookstores of America
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Kinokuniya Publications Service of London
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Customers in Asia :
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