The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics : Computer Modeling & Animation(6 NED)

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The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics : Computer Modeling & Animation(6 NED)

  • 著者名:Blain, John M.
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  • A K Peters/CRC Press(2021/03/13発売)
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  • 言語:ENG
  • ISBN:9780367536190
  • eISBN:9781000191790

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BlenderTM is a free Open Source 3D Computer Modeling and Animation Suite incorporating Character Rigging, Particles, Real World Physics Simulation, Sculpting, Video Editing with Motion Tracking and 2D Animation within the 3D Environment.

Blender is FREE to download and use by anyone for anything.

The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics: Computer Modeling and Animation, Sixth Edition is a unified manual describing the operation of the program with reference to the Graphical User Interface for Blender Version 2.82a.

Key Features:

  • The book provides instruction for New Users starting at the very beginning.
  • Instruction is presented in a series of chapters incorporating visual reference to the program's interface.
  • The initial chapters are designed to instruct the user in the operation of the program while introducing and demonstrating interesting features of the program.
  • Chapters are developed in a building block fashion providing forward and reverse reference to relevant material.

Table of Contents


Download and Installation

The Author



CH01 Understanding the Interface

CH02 Editors and Workspaces

CH03 Navigate and Save

CH04 Objects in the 3D View Editor

CH05 Editing Objects

CH06 Editing Tools

CH07 Modifiers

CH08 Editing with Generate Modifiers

CH09 Editing with Deform Modifiers

CH10 Editing Using Curves

CH11 Editing Techniques and Examples

CH12 The Outliner and Collections

CH13 3D Text

CH14 Viewport Shading

CH15 Scene Lighting and Cameras

CH16 Nodes – Materials and Textures

CH17 Rendering

CH18 Animation

CH19 Constraints

CH20 Armature and Character Rigging

CH21 Shape Keys and Action Editors

CH22 Particle Systems

CH23 Physics and Simulation

CH24 Dynamic Paint

CH25 Installing Add-Ons

CH26 Grease Pencil – 2D Animation

CH27 Video Sequence Editor

CH28 Drivers

CH29 Cycles Render

CH30 Internet Resources

Appendix A