Snow & Rose

紙書籍版価格 ¥1,207
  • Kinoppy
  • ポイントキャンペーン

Snow & Rose

  • 著者名:Martin, Emily Winfield
  • 価格 ¥1,135 (本体¥1,032)
  • Random House Books for Young Readers(2017/10/10発売)
  • 紅葉の季節!Kinoppy 電子書籍・電子洋書 全点ポイント25倍キャンペーン(~11/17)
  • ポイント 250pt (実際に付与されるポイントはお支払い画面でご確認下さい)
  • 言語:ENG
  • ISBN:9780553538212
  • eISBN:9780553538205

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Give the gift of this stunningly illustrated fairy-tale reimagining from the New York Times bestselling author-illustrator of The Wonderful Things You Will Be this holiday season—sure to be a modern classic!
Snow and Rose didn’t know they were in a fairy tale. People never do. . . .
Once, they lived in a big house with spectacular gardens and an army of servants.
Once, they had a father and mother who loved them more than the sun and moon.
But that was before their father disappeared into the woods and their mother disappeared into sorrow.
This is the story of two sisters and the enchanted woods that have been waiting for them to break a set of terrible spells.

In Snow & Rose, bestselling author-illustrator Emily Winfield Martin retells the traditional but little-known fairy tale “Snow White and Rose Red.” The beautiful full-color illustrations throughout and unusual yet relatable characters will bring readers back to this book again and again.
“The deeper meanings of the [story] do emerge, but the pleasure . . . is paramount.” —The New York Times