WTO貿易政策検討制度:批判的分析<br>The Trade Policy Review Mechanism : A Critical Analysis

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The Trade Policy Review Mechanism : A Critical Analysis

  • 著者名:Kende, Mathias
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  • OUP Oxford(2018/02/15発売)
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The WTO's Trade Policy Review Mechanism, which reviews the trade policies and practices of each WTO member at regular intervals, is generally considered to function well. In this day and age, complacency is unwise. Examining trade policy reviews throughout the lifetime of the TPRM, this book details its evolution from Article X of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade to the proposed modifications resulting from the mechanism's latest appraisal, examining thebudgetary capabilities and technical performance of all the main entities who participate in the reviews.On the basis of these considerations, the author concludes that in order to remain relevant, especially in times of increased global protectionism, the TPRM could, and should do better, and provides unique and timely suggestions for reform.