Extrasolar Planets and Their Host Stars〈1st ed. 2017〉

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Extrasolar Planets and Their Host Stars〈1st ed. 2017〉

  • 著者名:von Braun, Kaspar/Boyajian, Tabetha
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  • Springer(2017/07/18発売)
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This book explores the relations between physical parameters of extrasolar planets and their respective parent stars. Planetary parameters are often directly dependent upon their stellar counterparts. In addition, the star is almost always the only visible component of the system and contains most of the system mass. Consequently, the parent star heavily influences every aspect of planetary physics and astrophysics. Drs. Kaspar von Braun and Tabetha Boyajian use direct methods to characterize exoplanet host starts that minimize the number of assumptions needed to be made in the process.

The book provides a background on interferometric techniques for stellar diameter measurements, illustrates the authors' approach on using additional data to fully characterize the stars, provides a comprehensive update on the current state of the field, and examines in detail a number of historically significant and well-studied exoplanetary systems.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction.- Chapter 2: The Determination of Stellar and Planetary Astrophysical Parameters.- Chapter 3: Results.- Chapter 4: Future Work.- Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusion.- References.- Index.