Toward the Controllable Quantum States : Mesoscopic Superconductivity and Spintronics

Toward the Controllable Quantum States : Mesoscopic Superconductivity and Spintronics

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The realizations of physical systems whose quantum states can be directly manipulated have been pursued for experiments on fundamental problems in quantum mechanics and implementations of quantum information devices. Micro-fabricated superconducting systems and electronic spins are among the most promising candidates. This text contains advanced research reports on such materials, called "Mesoscopic Superconductivity" and "Spintronics". The former includes superconductor-semiconductor hybrid systems, very small Josephson junctions, and micron-size SQUIDs. The latter includes the control of spin transports in semiconductor heterostructures, nano-scale quantum dots, and spin injections. Superconductor-ferromagnetic metal hybrid structures are covered by both of the topics.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            v
Spin Injection 1 (52)
Theory of Spin Injection 3 (7)
E. I. Rashba
Growth and Properties of Fe/GaAs 10 (6)
Heterostructures for Tunneling-Assisted
Spin Injection at Room Temperature
H.-P. Schonherr
Magnetization Reversal by Optical Spin 16 (6)
Injection and its Memorization Effect in
(Ga,Mu)As Thin Films
A. Oiwa
Direct Spin Injection from a 22 (5)
Ferromagnetic Metal into a Semiconductor
through Fe/InAs Junction
K. Yoh
Suppression of Commensurability Peaks in 27 (6)
an Andreev Reflecting Antidot Billiard
J. Eroms
Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes with 33 (5)
Ferromagnetic Electrodes
A. Jensen
J. Nygard
J. Borggreen
Electron Spin-Splitting in Photoexcited 38 (6)
InxGa1-xAs/InyAl1-yAs Heterostructures
K. Fujii
Enhanced TMR Signal in a Spin-valve 44 (4)
M. Honda
Electron Spin Dynamics in Semiconductors 48 (5)
without Inversion Symmetry
V. I. Puller
Spin Interference 53 (44)
Spin-Orbit Interaction and its 55 (6)
Application to Spin Interference Device
J. Nitta
T. Koga
F. E. Meijer
Mesoscopic Spintronics: Fluctuation and 61 (6)
Localization Effects in Spin-Polarized
Quantum transport
B. K. Nikolic
J. K. Freericks
Positive Cross-Correlations Induced by 67 (6)
Spin-Polarized Currents in Hybrid
F. Taddei
R. Fazio
Effect of Doping at the Substrate/Buffer 73 (7)
Layer Interface on the Rashba Coefficient
α in
As Asymmetric Quantum Walls
T. Koga
J. Nitta
S. Marcet
Tight Binding Approach for Conduction 80 (6)
Subband Spin-Splitting of
GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As and
In0.7Ga0.3As/In0.7Al0.3As Superlattices
T. Ochiai
T. Tsuchiya
S. Yamada
First-Principles Electronic Structure 86 (4)
Calculations of Zinc-Blende Chromium
M. Shirai
H. Taguchi
H. Akinaga
Manipulation and Detection of Nuclear 90 (7)
Spin Polarization Using Integer Quantum
Hall Edge Channels
T. Machida
T. Yamazaki
S. Komiyama
Ferro/Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors 97 (20)
Extraordinary Magnetoresistance Effect on 99 (6)
Metal Films Prepared by Cleaved Edge
Overgrowth on InAs Heterostructures
O. Kronenwerth
Parallel Transport Properties of 105(6)
p--In1-xMnxAs/n-InAs Junction
Y. Sekine
Hall Resistance Anomaly at Low 111(6)
Temperature in AlGaN/GaN Heteostructure
K. Tsubaki
Super/Ferro Hybrid Junctions 117(54)
Non-Local Current Correlations in 119(6)
Ferromagnet/Superconductor Nanojunctions
C. J. Lambert
J. Koltai
J. Cserti
π--0 Transition in 125(6)
N. M. Chtchelkatchev
Observation of Spin Accumulation Induced 131(6)
Suppression of Superconductivity
C. D. Chen
Mechanisms of 0--π Transition and 137(6)
Current-Phase Relations in SFS Josephson
A. A. Golubov
M. Y. Kupriyanov
Y. V. Fominov
Proximity Effect in 143(6)
Superconductor-Ferromagnet Structures
with a Nonhomogeneous Magnetization
F. S. Bergeret
A. F. Volkov
K. B. Efetov
Effects of Disorder on Spin-Polarized 149(6)
Tunneling in Ferromagnetic Metal/D-wave
Superconductor Junctions
N. Yoshida
Far-Infrared Magnetoabsorption Studies of 155(7)
HgMnTe Quantum Wells Grown on CaZnTe
C.-M. Hu
Localization in the Transport in the 162(6)
Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
I. Kanazawa
Suppression of the Superconductivity by 168(3)
the Spin-Polarized Current Injection
Through Mesoscopic
Ferromagnet/Superconductor Junctions
Y.-S. Shin
H.-J. Lee
J. Kim
Antisotropic Superconductor Junctions 171(82)
Effect of Randomness on Zero Bias 173(6)
Conductance Peak in Disordered Normal
Metal/D-Wave Superconductor Junction
H. Itoh
Quasiclassical Calculation of Spontaneous 179(6)
Current in Restricted Geometries
M. H. S. Amin
Zero-Bias Conductance Peak in 185(5)
Normal-Metal/High-Tc Superconductor
Y. Asano
Y. Tanaka
Paramagnetic Meissner Effect in 190(6)
Josephson-Coupled Network of YBCO Ceramics
H. Deguchi
Crystal Growth of Submicron-Size 196(5)
Bi2Sr2Can-1CunOx Bridge Structures
T. Ishibashi
Tunneling in Organic 201(6)
Conductor/Superconductor Junctions
S. Kim
Topological Change of Topological 207(6)
T. Matsuura
Josephson Effect between Condensates with 213(6)
Different Internal Structures
M. Nishida
S. Kurihara
N. Hatakenaka
Josephson Effect in Point Contacts 219(4)
between ``F-Wave'' Superconductors
S. N. Shevchenko
Yu. A. Kolesnichenko
A. N. Omelyanchouk
Temperature Dependence of Josephson 223(6)
Current in D-Wave Superconductor
S. Shirai
Fermiology Effect on the Tunneling 229(6)
Spectrum of Organic Superconductors
Y. Tanuma
Proximity Effect in 235(6)
Ferromagnet/Unconventional Superconductor
T. Hirai
Andreev States in Clean Ferromagnetic 241(6)
M. Zareyan
W. Belzig
Yu V. Nazarov
Josephson Effect between SR2RuO4 247(6)
K. Katabuchi
Superconducting Proximity Transport 253(40)
Hybrid Metallic Mesoscopic Structure: 255(7)
Some Unanswered Questions
V. T. Petrashov
Shot Noise and Proximity Effect in 262(6)
W. Belzig
Coherent Charge Transport in the MAR 268(2)
Regime of Mesoscopic S--N--S Junctions
B. Pannetier
Resonant Transport In Nb/GaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs 270(6)
F. Giazotto
Rough Interface Effects on N--S 276(6)
Proximity-Contact Systems
Y. Nagato
K. Nagai
Point Contact Composed of Superconductor 282(5)
and Peierls Conductor
K. Sano
Carrier Injection from Superconducting 287(6)
Electrodes into a NB-InGaAs/InP Josephson
Th. Schapers
Superconducting Quantum Coherence 293(80)
Direct Capacitive Coupling of Josephson 295(7)
Oscillations to a Quantum Point Contact
S. E. Andersen
A. Kristensen
P. E. Lindelof
Quantum Computation with Aharonov--Bohm 302(6)
I. O. Kulik
Persistent Currents in a Network of 308(6)
Connected Mesoscopic Rings
W. Rabaud
Pairing and Persistent Currents -- The 314(6)
Role of the Far Levels
M. Schechter
Some Highlights and Trends in the Field 320(8)
of Superconducting Junction Radiation
A. Barone
Quantum Nondemolition Measurements of a 328(6)
D. V. Averin
Manipulations and Decoherence in Quantum 334(7)
Two-Level Systems
A. Shnirman
Y. Makhlin
G. Schon
Noise Correlations and the EPR Paradox 341(6)
T. Martin
Decoherence due to Background Charges in 347(6)
Josephson Devices
E. Paladino
Collective Measurement of Many Equivalent 353(6)
Three-Junction Loops
Y. Shimazu
J. E. Mooij
Dynamics of Superconducting Flux-Qubit 359(7)
Measurements by DC-SQUID
H. Nakano
H. Takayanagi
Quantum Classical Crossover with 366(7)
Superconducting Ring
H. Tanaka
S. Saito
H. Takayanagi
Ultra Small Superconducting Islands and 373(50)
Tunable Electrodynamic Environment and 375(5)
Coulomb Blockade with ID SQUID Arrays
M. Watanabe
R. L. Kautz
D. B. Haviland
New Vortex in States in Mesoscopic 380(5)
Aluminum Structures
Y. Terai
Interplay between the Pairing and 385(6)
Exchange Interactions in Small Metallic
G. Falci
A. Mastellone
R. Fazio
Number Parity Effect in a Nanoscopic 391(6)
Superconductor: Temperature, Magnetic
Field and Disorder Dependence
O. Bozat
Z. Gedik
Randomness and Superconductor-Insulator 397(6)
Transition in Two-Dimensional Systems
M. Kasuga
S. Kurihara
Magnetic Field-Tuned 403(7)
Superconductor-Insulator Transition in
One-Dimensional Arrays of Small Josephson
W. Kuo
C. D. Chen
Superconducting Correlation in Orbital 410(6)
Magnetism of Quantum Dots
T. Suzuki
The Current and the Charge Noise of a 416(7)
Single-Electron Transistor in the Regime
of Large Charge Fluctuations out of
Y. Utsumi
Quantum Dots 423(50)
Electron Energy Relaxation in the 425(6)
Presence of Magnetic Impurities
A. Kaminski
L. I. Glazman
Antiferromagnetic Coupling between 431(7)
Semiconductor Quantum Dots
A. Tackeuchi
Numerical Analysis of Correlation Effects 438(5)
in the Josephson Current Through a
Quantum Dot
K. Kusakabe
Y. Tanaka
Kondo Effect and Dephasing in a Hybrid 443(6)
Quantum Dot-Ring Coupled to a Reservior
K. Kang
S. Y. Cho
Melting of a Vortex Microcluster in a 449(6)
Two-Dimensional Superconducting Island
Y. Enomoto
T. Mitsuda
Design of Superconductors in Quantum Dot 455(6)
T. Kimura
Hund's Second Rule in Spherical 461(6)
Artificial Atoms
Y. Asari
K. Takeda
H. Tamura
Electronic States and Spin Configurations 467(6)
in Silicon Quantum Dots
Y. Hada
M. Eto
Novel Quantum Systems 473(36)
Theoretical Study on Quantum Phenomena of 475(6)
an Electron Wave-Packet Injected into
Various Potential Walls
M. Muraguchi
Quantum Interference of a Damped Free 481(6)
S. Ohtsuka
S. Kurihara
Laser Manipulation of Quantum Wave 487(10)
Packets with Attoseconds Phase Control --
Encoding of Molcular Wave Packets
Y. Sato
The Formation by the Spooling Mechanism 497(5)
of NII-twisted Loop Crystals of NbSe3: A
New CDW Conductor
T. Tsuneta
Magneto-Conductance in Twisted Carbon 502(7)
S. W. D. Bailey
Participants List 509(14)
Subject Index 523