Indian Ocean Migrants and State Formation in Hadhramaut : Reforming the Homeland (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East)

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Indian Ocean Migrants and State Formation in Hadhramaut : Reforming the Homeland (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East)

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Full Description

The author discusses the modern history of Hadhramaut in a novel way. Linked to the Indian Ocean through a long history of migration, she traces the ways in which members of the diaspora and travellers interacted with the homeland through their remittances, political initiatives and the introduction of new ideas and institutions. The book is based on a wide range of hitherto unused Hadhrami and British sources as well as on fieldwork in Yemen and Indonesia.Exemplary life-histories of merchants and scholars illustrate the wide range of concerns for the establishment of stable polities in a tribal society. This is linked to the careful analysis of the impact of imperial rule both in the lands of the diaspora and in Hadhramaut in chapters focussing on state- and institution-formation. Developments in Hadhramaut are regarded as a prism for the development of modernity in the wider Muslim and Indian Ocean worlds which was adapted to local conditions and needs.

Table of Contents

List of Maps, Tables, Figures and Photographs      xi
Acknowledgements xiii
List of Abbreviations xvii
Note on Transliteration an Terminology xix
Introduction 1 (37)
An entrepreneurial diaspora 2 (5)
Sojourning merchants: core of an economic 7 (3)
Islah: modernisation or modernity? 10 (7)
A civil society in the making? 17 (3)
Imperialism and non-European modernity 20 (6)
Literature and sources 26 (12)
CHAPTER ONE The setting: Hadhramaut and the 38 (51)
diaspora in the 19th century
Hadhramaut and its population 38 (8)
Hadhramis in the world: an Indian Ocean 46 (15)
An outline of political developments in the 61 (16)
19th century
The British in Aden and beyond 77 (12)
CHAPTER Two Scholars, mystics and merchants: 89 (48)
reformers and politicians in early and mid-19th
century Wadi Hadhramaut
The Tariqa 'Alawiyya and religious learning 91 (5)
in Hadhramaut until the 1880's
Scholars and community leaders: lives and 96 (24)
careers of early 19th century reformers
Ahmad b. Ali al Junayd (1783-1858): 98 (10)
scholar, traveller and man of wealth
Other leading notables in the first half of 108 (12)
the 19th century
Notables as reformers and political leaders 120 (1)
(c. 1790's-1840's)
The reform ideas of a Sufi: Ahmad b. Umar b. 120 (8)
Zayn b. Sumayt
Steps towards change: political initiatives 128 (9)
of the Hadhrami notables
CHAPTER THREE Sultans, notables and dawla: 137 (49)
approaches to state building in Kathlri and
lands (1840's-1920's) Quay
State-building and notables: the Kathiri 137 (12)
Sultans as dawla: Qu'ayti conceptions of rule 149 (25)
Institutions of the Qu'ayti dawla 155 (10)
Taxation and state-led development in the 165 (9)
Qu'ayti domains until the 1920's
The search for allies in World War I: Between 174 (12)
the Ottomans and the British
CHAPTER FOUR Hadhrami migrants and reform in 186 (40)
the Muslim world (c. 1860's-1920's)
International Hadhrami networks in the second 187 (10)
half of the 19th and early 20th centuries
A travelling merchant, scholar and teacher: 187 (4)
Sayyid Abu Bakr b. Shih臙 el-Din (1846-1922)
Sayyid Abu Bakr's career in a comparative 191 (6)
Change in the Muslim world (c. 1860's-1920's) 197 (29)
The Hijaz: centre of learning and 199 (108)
international crossroads
Istanbul 208 (5)
The Syrian Cities 213 (2)
Cairo 215 (2)
Hyderabad 217 (3)
Europe and Japan 220 (6)
CHAPTER FIVE The Hadhrami 'renaissance' in 226 (51)
South East Asia (1880's-1930's)
Reform and nationalism in the Malay world in 226 (7)
the late 19th and early 20th centuries
The emergence of a Hadhrami 'bourgeoisie' in 233 (10)
South East Asia
Educational reform and the split in the 243 (15)
The development of an Arab press in the 258 (11)
Netherlands East Indies
The emergence of a Hadhrami intelligentsia in 269 (8)
South East Asia
CHAPTER SIX Social criticism and reform in 277 (68)
1880's-mid 1930's
The reform of religious education in Wadi 277 (12)
Associations and schools: the organisational 289 (9)
structure of reform
Merchants or sultans? Jam'iyyat al-Haqq and 298 (9)
the administration of Tarim
Reform in theory and practice: the debate in 307 (26)
diaspora and homeland
"Dreadful horrid fear, quick ruin": visions 307 (5)
of the homeland and its reform in the
Hadhrami press in South East Asia
The development of journalism and the 312 (14)
discourse of change in Hadhramaut
Change and its obstacles: the case of 326 (3)
agricultural development
Reformers on the road: Ibn H縱him's Rihla 329 (4)
ila 'l-taghrayn
An exemplary notable family of the period: 333 (12)
the Al al-Kaf
CHAPTER SEVEN The al-Kaf road to Ingrams' 345 (55)
peace: political developments in Hadhramaut,
Hadhrarni political concerns, c.1919-1926 345 (7)
The conferences at al-Shihr (1927) and 352 (9)
Singapore (1828)
Whither Hadhramaut? (1929-1936) 361 (22)
Developments in Hadhramaut 362 (13)
The changing British perspective on 375 (8)
Crossing the line 383 (17)
Ingrams' visit to Hadhramaut in 1936/37 and 383 (5)
the consequences
'Help' or 'imperialism'? Hadhrami 388 (12)
CHAPTER EIGHT Contested reform: in Hadhramaut 400 (50)
under British tutelage, 1937-1960's
Whose reform? 400 (4)
Security and the extension of state power 404 (11)
State administration and the budget 415 (5)
Judicial reform 420 (7)
Education and health 427 (8)
Economic development 435 (8)
Civic activity: the contribution of Jamiyyat 443 (7)
al-Ukhuwwa wa-l-Mu'awana
CHAPTER NINE The emergence of new elites and 450 (81)
the demise of empire
The reconfiguration of the diaspora 452 (17)
A new generation in Hadhramaut 469 (14)
From stable chiefdoms to fragile states: the 483 (31)
changing nature of Hadhrami politics in the
1950's and early 1960's
"The event of the palace": a riot in 485 (11)
al-Mukall 1950 and its consequences
The South Arabian League and its contacts 496 (8)
in Hadhramaut
The new politics and the press 504 (4)
Constitutional development: individual 508 (6)
sultanates, a Hadhrami federation or
accession to the Federation of South Arabia?
The British retreat 514 (17)
Developments in Aden and the Federation 514 (2)
Developments from within: the rise of 516 (7)
nationalist parties in Hadhramaut
Developments from without: the final year 523
Annex A: Chronology of Qu'ayti and Kathirl 531 (1)
Annex B: Associations in Hadhramaut until 1950 532 (2)
Annex C: Chronology of journalism in 534 (53)
Bibliography 587
Index 565