Complications in Phacoemulsification : Avoidance, Recognition, and Management (2002. XII, 292 p. w. numerous col. figs. 29 cm)


Complications in Phacoemulsification : Avoidance, Recognition, and Management (2002. XII, 292 p. w. numerous col. figs. 29 cm)

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The perfect book for ophthalmologists performing cataract surgery.

Full Description

This is the first book to analyze virtually all complications of phacoemulsification surgery with the goal throughout of avoidance, recognition, and management. As the key to recognizing problems is to understand proper surgical technique, the authors begin with a discussion of the correct procedure, and then go on to evaluate potential complications, where they occur, and how to treat them. Solutions are provided for all situations, from simple problems to the most complex--all described by a "who's who" of leading specialists and educators. From phacoemulsification problems and vitrectomy, to hydrodissection, hydrodileneation, and phaco-trabeculectomy complications, this outstanding guide is essential for anybody performing cataract surgery. Key features of this new clinical reference: *Contributions from the best known surgeons and educators in the world, including Howard Fine, Sam Masket, Randy Olson, Alan Crandall, Roger Steinert, David Chang, Skip Nichamin, and many more! *Shows correct surgical techniques so that complications can be seen in the appropriate clinical context *Nearly 300 detailed, full-color illustrations clarify all concepts and help you visualize key points *Offers tips on anticipating problems that lead to complications *Provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to manage problems after they occur Here is the definitive text for avoiding and treating all types of complications of phacoemulsification, as well as a reliable reference on standard surgical techniques. The information provided is essential for all ophthalmologists, eye surgeons, clinicians, and residents who need a thorough understanding of the surgical techniques and complication avoidance that will most benefit their patients.


1. Injectible Ophthalmic Anesthesia, K. J. Rosenthal; 2. Topical Anesthesia, K.J. Rosenthal; 3. Systemic Complications of Ocular Anesthesia, M. Leib; 4. Complications of Wound Construction and Closure, P. Ernest, I.H. Fine, and W.J. Fishkind; 5. Capsulorhexis Complications, H.V. Gimbel and E.E. Anderson Penno; 6. Iris Problems, A.S. Crandall; 7. Complications of the Hydrosteps: How to Recognize and Aviod Them, W.J. Fishkind; 8. Positive Pressure, P.N. Arnold; 9. Phaco Procedures, W.J. Fishkind; 10. Four -Quadrant Divide and Conquer, S.H. Johnson; 11. Stop and Chop Phaco, P.S. Koch; 12. Choo Choo Chop, I.H. Fine; 13. Phaco Chop, K.B. Nagahara; 14. Phaco Flip and Tilt and Tumble Techniques, R.G. Livernois and F.E. Palmon; 15. Management of the Soft Nucleus, W.J. Fishkind; 16. Management of the Mature Cataract, S. Masket; 17. Cataract Surgery in the Presence of Compromised Zonules, R.J. Cionni and R.H. Osher; 18. Manageing the Nucleus in the Presence of the Torn Posterior Capsule, M.A. Michelson; 19. Vitrectomy Following Vitreous Loss During Phacoemulsification, P.S. Koch; 20. Intraocular Lens Power Calculations and Lens Selection Following Vitrectomy, J.T. Hollady; 21. IOL Implantation, H.B. Grabow; 22. Techniques of Primary and Secondary Transscleral Fixation of Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lenses, S.S. Lane and G.S. Schwartz; 23. Corneal Problems Associated with Phacoemulsification, R.J. Olson; 24. Using Viscoelastics to Manage Problems in Cataract Surgery, S.A. Arshinoff; 25. Phacodynamic Links to Complications, B. Seibel; 26. Posterior Segment Complications of Phacoemulsification and Anterior Segment Surgery, L. Joffe, W.E. Smiddy, and H.W. Flynn; 27. Complications of Phacotrabeculectomy and Other Glaucoma Procedures, B.K. Bakewell; 28. Prevention Pearls and Damage Control: Part 1, D. Dillman; 29. Prevention Pearls and Damage Control: Part 2, R.F. Steinert; 30. Prevention Pearls and Damage Control: part 3, L.D. Nichamin; 31. Avoiding Complications with Phaco Chop, D.F. Chang.