Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style : Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary


Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style : Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary

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Since ancient times Tai Chi Chuan has been practiced as a holistic mind/body fitness system, bringing immense benefits for practitioners in health, longevity, relaxation, and concentration. Tai Chi Chuan was also practiced as an effective and deadly martial art. Because of this, the ancient masters rarely disclosed their secrets, guarding them as closely as they would military secrets. They preserved their profound insights in obscure songs, poems, and classics, revealing only to those they considered trustworthy and ready for such knowledge. That is, until this century. Now, you can reap the benefits of centuries of wisdom and practical experience to deepen and refine your Tai Chi Chuan. Discover ways to reach the essence of your Form and take your Push Hands to higher levels. Dr. Yang has translated these classics from the original Chinese, and has written commentaries to make them more accessible to contemporary minds. Tai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style is an invaluable resource for students who seek true understanding of their art. *Useful for any style of Tai Chi Chuan.*Sound, practical advice for any martial art.*Key points for incorporating the teachings into your practice.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           vii
Nick Gracenin
About the Author ix
Introduction xvii
About Wu Family and Wu, Gong-Cao xix
Acknowledgments xxi
The Total Thesis of Taijiquan 1 (5)
The Important Meaning of Taijiquan Thirteen 6 (3)
The Detailed Interpretation of Five Elements 9 (6)
The Secrets of Eight Techniques 15 (6)
The Interpretation of Slow and Without Force 21 (5)
Central Equilibrium 26 (1)
Insubtantiality Leading the Head Upward 27 (1)
Feeling and Sensing 28 (2)
Listening Jin 30 (2)
Questions and Answers 32 (2)
Insubstantial and Substantial 34 (2)
Gauging the Opponent 36 (3)
Knowing the Opportunity 39 (3)
Weighting 42 (4)
Double Weighting 46 (5)
Giving Up Self and Following Opponent 51 (4)
Drumming and Vibrating 55 (2)
Foundation 57 (9)
Teaching and Learning 66 (3)
Appendix A: The Thesis of Taijiquan, by Xiang, 69 (16)
Appendix B. Translation and Glossary of Chinese 85 (12)
Index 97