Biography and Social Exclusion in Europe : Experiences and Life Journeys

Biography and Social Exclusion in Europe : Experiences and Life Journeys

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Based on 250 life-story interviews in seven EU countries (France, Britain, Spain, Germany, Greece, Sweden and Italy).

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Throughout Europe, standardised approaches to social policy and practice are being radically questioned and modified. Beginning from the narrative detail of individual lives, this book re-thinks welfare predicaments, emphasising gender, generation, ethnic and class implications of economic and social deregulation. Taking an innovative socio-biographical approach to comparative social policy, it argues that understanding individually differentiated biographical resources and strategies provides a bedrock for the appropriate training and effective practice of policy-makers, practitioners and researchers. Based on 250 life-story interviews in seven European Union countries, this work: analyses personal struggles against social exclusion to illuminate local milieus and changing welfare regimes and contexts; points to challenging new agendas for European politics and welfare, beyond the rhetoric of communitarianism and the New Deal; vividly illustrates the lived experience and environmental complexity working for and against structural processes of social exclusion; re-fashions the interpretive tradition as a teaching and research tool linking macro- and micro- realities.Students, academic teachers and professional trainers, practitioners, politicians, policy makers and researchers in applied and comparative welfare fields should all benefit from reading this book.


Introduction; Part Oneof work Numa Murard; Blocked journeys and historical transitions William Hungerbuehler, Elisabet Tejero and Laura Torrabadella; Part Two: Losing class solidarities: Pre-modernity and post-modernity in Southern Italy Antonella Spano; Guilty victims Numa Murard; Male voyages into uncertainty Elisabeth Mestheneos and Elisabeth Ioannidi-Kapolou; Part Three: Women's lives: Female identities in late modernity Antonella Spano; Gender and family in Greek state and society Elisabeth Mestheneos and Elisabeth Ioannidi-Kapolou; Part Four: Migration and society: Migrants: a target category for social policy Roswitha Breckner; Second generation transcultural lives Prue Chamberlayne; Part Five: The Agency Studies: Agencies: biographical work and learning organisations Tom Wengraf; Conclusions Prue Chamberlayne.