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Full Description

Chieftain was the British Army's first true main battle tank. Designed in the mid 1950's to replace the ageing fleet of Conqueror and Centurion tanks, it became the mainstay of the Tank Corps until its own replacement by Challenger in the 1980's. The vehicle was subject of some poor publicity in its lifetime but the author shows that this was undeserved and Chieftain was, in fact, one of the greatest tanks of all time. The book offers the full design and developement history of the Chieftain, including detailed specifications, and covers all of the Chieftain's variants and its second-line use.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   6  (1)
Prototypes and Trials 7 (24)
Appearance and Layout 31 (28)
Chieftain in Service 59 (18)
The Role of the Crew Members 77 (18)
Weapons 95 (10)
Gun Mounting, Sights and Controls 105(23)
IFCS and TOGS 128(12)
Variants 140(22)
The End 162(3)
Appendix I: Vehicle Locations and Disposals 165(20)
Appendix II: Ammunition Details 185(6)
Glossary 191(1)
Index 192