Every Family in the Land : Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination against People with Mental Illness

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Every Family in the Land : Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination against People with Mental Illness

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Full Description

Produced as part of the Royal College of Psychiatrists' anti-stigma campaign , "Changing Minds", this text is a revised edition of the original Internet and CD-ROM version, comprising a collection of 90 learned articles, personal perspectives and commentaries. It attempts to explain and penetrate to the "deep spring" that is the source of these stigmatisations and discriminations against people with mental illnesses. Internationally renowned experts shed light on the causes of, reactions to and misunderstanding of what underwrites an all too common condemnation of those with anxiety or depressive disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, eating disorders, alcohol or drug misuse, and disordered personalities. Others, who have experienced such severe mental health problems (one in four of us within our lifetime), describe their distress and the crushing effects of discrimination.This book, which has been aptly described as a "gold mine", will be of great interest to all health professionals, social workers, carers and anyone affected by mental illness.


ContributorsPreface: Perspectives on stigmatisation, distancing and discrimination - Arthur CrispAcknowledgementsForeword: Why stigma matters - Robert E KendallDedicationPART 1: The history of stigmatisation of the mentally illPART 2: People's perceptions of the mentally 'ill' and the experiences of users and carersSection 2A: Perception and experience of mental illnessSection 2B: Experiences of user and carer support groupsSection 2C: The community and mental illnessSection 2D: Contemporary images and the futurePART 3: The origins of stigmatisation: Stigmatisation as a survival strategyPART 4: Self-inflictions, social adaptation or biological destiny? Models of psychopathology and their relationship to stigmatisationPART 5: Personality disorder, its nature, stigmatisation, relationship to mental illness and its treatment possibilitiesSection 5A: Personality disorderSection 5B: Stigmatisation of personality disorderSection 5C: Treatment of personality disorderPART 6: The Law and mental illnessPART 7: Creativity and mental disorderPART 8: Spirituality and mental illnessPART 9: Some strategies to tackle stigmatisation and discriminationSection 9A: ClinicalSection 9B: SocialSection 9C: StatutorySection 9D: Other campaignsSection 9E: Summary of the Royal College of Psychiatrists' CampaignColour plate sectionAppendixIndex