Plastic Fantastic : A Complete Guide to Safe Cosmetic Surgery


Plastic Fantastic : A Complete Guide to Safe Cosmetic Surgery

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Full Description

Cosemetic surgery has become a mainstream treatment. This book covers the range of options for women and men from penile implants to facelifts, liposuction and breast uplifts. It lists the pros and cons of each operation, the cost, how long it takes to recover - and even how to tell your friends. Each section includes real-life accounts from people who have had cosmetic surgery, and there is advice on how to find a reputable surgeon and avoid the cowboys. The book also includes specific names of reliable cosmetic surgeons.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           9  (2)
Why Cosmetic Surgery? 11 (10)
Youthful looks
a psychological need
cosmetic surgery for children
taking the plunge
what are the risks?
should you tell?
Lifting the Face and Neck 21 (16)
Opting for a face-lift: how to go about it
the right face-lift for you
preparing for a face-lift
the after effects
the risks Defining the jawline: double chin
turkey gobble neck
building up the chin
horizontal neck lines
Resculpturing the Nose 37 (12)
Preparing for nose surgery
what is involved
the after effects
the risks
Eyes, Lips and Ears 49 (20)
Raising the eyebrows: the brow-lift
the risks Brightening up the eyes: what to
tightening up the top lids
getting rid of those bags
the after effects of eye surgery
the risks
Hollywood lips: the surgical alternatives
Ear-pinning: what is involved
the risks Earlobe surgery
Alternatives to the Knife 69 (18)
Ironing out the forehead Dermabrasion and
peeling: dermabrasion
what is involved
the risks
chemical peels
what is involved
the risks
light peeling Wrinkle fillers: collagen
More Ways of Dealing with the Skin 87 (18)
Lasers: how lasers work
the risks
total skin resurfacing
portwine stains, birthmarks and moles
liver or age spots
hair removal
tattoo removal
Retin A Cream
Spider veins
Permanent make-up
Improving Breasts 105(32)
Making breasts bigger: are my implants safe?
alternatives to silicone
hardening of implants
what is involved
consulting a surgeon
having the operation
the risks
Making breasts smaller: what is involved
consulting a surgeon
having the operation
the risks
Perking up breasts
Reconstruction after a mastectomy: what is
the risks Inverted nipples
Creating a nipple
Body Contouring/Fat Removal 137(18)
Sucking out the fat; where it works
what is involved
the risks The treatment of cellulite:
treatments on offer The tummy tuck: what is
the risks
Looking at Limbs 155(10)
Varicose veins: what is involved
the risks
The thigh-lift
Arm reduction
The hands
Calf augmentation
Cosmetic Surgery for Men 165(8)
Penis augmentation
Breast reduction
Pectoral augmentation
Abdominal etching
Genital Surgery for Women 173(6)
Vaginal reduction
Labial surgery
Hymen reinstatement
Teeth 179(10)
Straightening teeth
Dental contouring
Tooth whitening
Cosmetic bonding
Crowns and caps
Receding gums
How to find a cosmetic dentist
Covering up Baldness 189(12)
Punch grafts (micrografts): what is involved
the risks
Scalp reduction
Tissue expansion
Skin flaps
Hair weaving and fusion
How to Find a Surgeon, What to ask when 201(12)
You've Found one and what to do if things go
Table of common concerns and what can be
done about them
List of useful addresses
Index 218