Red Sun Setting : The Battle of the Philippine Sea (Bluejacket Paperbacks)


Red Sun Setting : The Battle of the Philippine Sea (Bluejacket Paperbacks)

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Full Description

Many regard this work as the definitive account of a controversial conflict of the war in the Pacific, the June 1944 battle known as the ""Great Marianas Turkey Shoot."" Drawing on ten years of research and told from the viewpoint of the fliers and sailors who were on the firing line, William T. Y'Blood leads the reader through every stage of the battle, from the dogfights to the persistent attacks on the Japanese carriers to the frantic efforts of the returning fliers to land on friendly carriers. He takes the battle from the initial planning through the invasion of the Marianas and the recriminations that followed, describing Admiral Spruance's decision to allow U.S. forces to remain on the defensive and giving blow-by-blow details of the action. This intensive study of what many believe to be a major turning point in the Pacific War has remained an important reference since it was first published in 1981

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Glossary ix
Introduction 1 (2)
chapter 1 A Long Winding Road 3 (11)
chapter 2 Operation A-GO 14 (16)
chapter 3 Operation Forager 30 (33)
chapter 4 "The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan 63 (31)
Depends on This One Battle"
chapter 5 "Like an Old Time Turkey Shoot" 94 (46)
chapter 6 Attack into the Setting Sun 140(37)
chapter 7 Chaos over the Task Force 177(17)
chapter 8 Frustrating Victory 194(28)
Appendix I United States Units Engaged in the
Battle of the Philippine Sea 215
Appendix II Japanese Units Engaged in 222(6)
Operation A-GO, 1-20 June 1944
Appendix III U.S. Air Operations on 19 June 228(6)
II-Bombing Missions
III-Search and Rescue Missions
Appendix IV U.S. Air Operations on 20 June: 234(3)
The Attack on the Mobile Fleet
Notes 237(10)
Bibliography 247(6)
Index 253