Relativity, Gravitation, Cosmology (Contemporary Fundamental Physics)

Relativity, Gravitation, Cosmology (Contemporary Fundamental Physics)

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Full Description

This volume consists of 14 papers. The editors are well-known experts in the problems of modern physics. R. Yamaleev, J. Kocinski and M. Wierzbicki, R. Kuhne, J. Garecki, S. Tiwari, R. Amoroso and J.-P. Vigier, A. Camacho, S. Ghosh, L. Horwitz and O. Oron, G.-j. Ni, I. Eganova, R. Kiehn, R. Cahill are among the authors. New developments in the well-established theories: Kaluza-Klein 5-dimensional theories, torsion, the Weyl unified theory, quantum foam, space-time non-commutativity, negative mass paradox in the neutrino physics etc.

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction                             vii
V.V. Dvoeglazov and A.A. Espinoza Garrido
Chapter 1 Extended Relativistic Mechanics of 1 (18)
Charged Particle
Robert M. Yamaleev
Chapter 2 The Schwarzschild Solution in a 19 (18)
Kaluza-Klein Theory with Two Times
J. Kocinski and M. Wierzbicki
Chapter 3 Caftan's Torsion: Necessity and 37 (6)
Observational Evidence
Rainer W. Kiihne
Chapter 4 On Torsion in a Theory of Gravity 43 (18)
Janusz Garecki
Chapter 5 Electron in the Einstein-Weyl Space 61 (10)
S.C. Tiwari
Chapter 6 Toward the Unification of Gravity 71 (18)
and Electromagnetism
R.L. Amoroso and J.-P. Vigier
Chapter 7 Time Evolution of a Quantum Particle 89 (8)
and a Generalized Uncertainty Principle
A. Camacho
Chapter 8 The Seiberg-Witten Map in 97 (12)
Noncommutative Field Theory: an Alternative
Subir Ghosh
Chapter 9 Relativistic Brownian Motion 109 (14)
O. Oron and L.P. Horwitz
Chapter 10 A New Insight into the Negative-Mass 123 (14)
Paradox Gravity and the Accelerating Universe
Guang-Jiong Ni
Chapter 11 A Minimal Three-Flavor Model for 137 (12)
Neutrino Oscillation based on Superluminal
Guang-Jiong Ni
Chapter 12 The World of Events Reality: 149 (14)
Instantaneous Action as a Connection of Events
Through Time
I.A. Eganova
Chapter 13 A Topological Perspective of 163 (30)
R.M. Kiehn
Index 193