Life Aboard the Space Shuttle (Way People Live)

Life Aboard the Space Shuttle (Way People Live)

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Full Description

< I>The Way People Live< /I> series focuses on people in various cultures and historical circumstances. Some of these groups are more current, like citizens living on an Israeli kibbutz; others no longer exist, such as Northerners during the Civil War. By emphasizing daily routines, personal struggles and triumphs, the authors portray life in a realistic manner, as well as reveal stereotypes and prejudices that may be associated with some of these diverse groups of people. Combining numerous primary source quotations, fascinating photographs, and fresh you-are-there narrative, < I>The Way People Live< /I> brings readers into the lives of people both past and present. Even the most reluctant readers will find it hard to resist these appealing books.

Table of Contents

Foreword Discovering the Humanity in Us All        6  (2)
Introduction The Problems of Life in Space and 8 (5)
How the Shuttle Solves Them
Training a Shuttle Crew 13 (12)
Blastoff 25 (11)
Adapting to Microgravity 36 (10)
Food and Hygiene 46 (12)
Working 58 (10)
Space Walks 68 (9)
Exercise, Relaxation, and Rest 77 (10)
Coming Home 87 (10)
Notes 97 (4)
For Further Reading 101(2)
Works Consulted 103(3)
Index 106(5)
Picture Credits 111(1)
About the Author 112