The Rise and Demise of German Statism : Loyalty and Political Membership


The Rise and Demise of German Statism : Loyalty and Political Membership

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German statism as a political ideology has been the subject of many historical studies. Whereas most of these focus on theoretical texts, cultural works, and vague "traditions", this study understands German statism as a functioning logic of political membership, a logic that has helped to determine who is "in" and who is "out" with regard to the German political community. Tracing statism from the early 19th century through German unification and beyond in the 1990s, the author argues that, with its central concern for a political loyalty that is vetted "from above," it historically served the function of stabilizing the political order and containing democratic mobilization. Beginning in the 1960s, however, a mobilized German democratic consciousness "from below" gradually rejected statism as anachronistic for informing political and policy debate, and German political institutions began to respond to kind.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            viii
Introduction: Political Membership, Logics of 1 (26)
Appropriateness, and Political Loyalty in
State Bureaucrats Before Societal Citizens: 27 (28)
The Articulation and Consolidation of German
Statism in the Early Nineteenth Century
``The Most Democratic Democracy in the 55 (30)
World'': German Statism Survives the Weimar
The Institutional Politics of Postwar West 85 (31)
Germany: The Parteienstaat, the Professional
Civil Service, and the Political
Mobilizations of the 1960s and 1970s
German Statism and West German Political 116 (39)
Party and Intellectual Discourse in the 1970s
The Tensions Endemic to an Alternative 155 (23)
Politics in a Statist Context: The West
German Greens Between State and Society
The Discourse of German Unification: Between 178 (22)
Statist Reassurance and Risk
Unified Germany and the New Politics of 200 (35)
``Rational'' Membership: Civil Service and
Naturalization Policy in the 1990s
Conclusion: The Demise of German Statism and 235 (7)
the Tensions of Democratic Political Membership
Bibliography 242 (15)
Index 257