America Confronts Terrorism : Understanding the Danger and How to Think about It : a Documentary Record


America Confronts Terrorism : Understanding the Danger and How to Think about It : a Documentary Record

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 436 p.
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Full Description

Here is an urgent book about the overwhelming challenge that faces the United States today in its twilight struggle with terrorist groups throughout the world. John Prados, one of our foremost authorities in national and international security affairs, has collected the most informative and provocative documents and writings about the terrorist threat. Drawing on materials from congressional investigations, the reports of the State and Defense departments, executive orders dealing with intelligence activities, other government documents, and articles by accomplished analysts, Mr. Prados lays out the essential characteristics of terrorist groups throughout the world. He shows how their expertise has evolved along with our perception of their activities. In articles from a wide range of sources, he presents the thinking of experts in the field on strategy, tactics, technology, and the development of effective American policies of counter-terrorism. In his Introduction, Mr. Prados offers an historical perspective as well as a compelling forecast of what the nation is likely to face in the years immediately ahead. In a new kind of war where old approaches are not likely to be effective, America Confronts Terrorism offers an intelligent perspective on our situation. It will be an indispensable resource for general readers.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       3  (4)
The Horror on September 11 7 (5)
Bin Laden Statement, October 7, 2001 12 (9)
Appreciations of the Threat of Terrorism
The Worldwide Threat 2001: National
Security in a Changing World
Statement by CIA Director George Tenet 21 (2)
Global Trends 2015
Central Intelligence Agency, National 23 (2)
Intelligence Council
Strategic Intent for the United States
Intelligence Community
Director of Central Intelligence 25 (3)
Terrorism: Frequently Asked Questions
Central Intelligence Agency 28 (2)
Global Threats and Challenges Through 2015 30 (4)
Thomas R. Wilson
Current and Projected National Security 34 (6)
Threats to the United States
Thomas Fingar
Countering the Changing Threat
Countering the Changing Threat of
International Terrorism
Report of the National Commission on 40 (17)
National Commission on Terrorism Report: 57 (11)
Background and Issues for Congress
Raphael F. Perl
Patterns of Global Terrorism
Terrorism Statistics
State Department Annual Reports, 68 (18)
Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2000
Department of State 86 (58)
Terrorism, the Future, and U.S. Foreign 144(25)
Raphael F. Perl
Osama Bin Laden
Usama Bin Ladin: Islamic Extremist Financier
Biographical Profile, Central 169(3)
Intelligence Agency
Usama Bin Ladin
Profiles, Department of State, 1997, 172(4)
1998, 1999
Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders
Statement of the World Islamic Front 176(7)
Terrorist Groups and Methods
Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State 183(33)
Sponsors, 2001
Kenneth Katzman
Technology Acquisition by Terrorist Groups 216(28)
Brian A. Jackson
Terror Training Manual: Military Studies in 244(33)
the Jihad Against the Tyrants
The Record of the 1990s
Khobar Barracks Incident
The Protection of U.S. Forces Deployed 277(17)
Abroad: Report to the President from the
Secretary of Defense
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman 294(11)
Finds Khobar Towers Bombing ``Not the
Result of an Intelligence Failure''
Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
Terrorism: U.S. Response to Bombings in 305(7)
Kenya and Tanzania: A New Foreign Policy
Raphael F. Perl
Incident Report from Political Violence 312(3)
Against Americans Department of State
Ensuring Public Safety and National 315(11)
Security Under the Rule of Law
Louis J. Freeh
Terrorism in the United States, 1998 326(15)
Federal Bureau of Investigation
USS Cole Bombing Attack
Review of USS Cole Attack Reports and 341(2)
Suggestions for Additional Recommended
William S. Cohen
Executive Summary, USS Cole Commission 343(8)
Lost Patrol: The Attack on the Cole 351(8)
Harold W. Gehman, Jr.
Terrorist Attack on the USS Cole: 359(20)
Background and Issues for Congress
Raphael F. Perl
Ronald O'Rourke
United States Responses
Executive Order on Terrorist Financing 379(7)
President George W. Bush
Blocking Property and Prohibiting 386(6)
Transactions with the Taliban, Executive
Order 13129, and Text of Letter to
Congressional Leaders
President William J. Clinton
Terrorist Assets Report, 1998
Department of the Treasury 392(6)
Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal
Year 2002
Reports by Senate Select Committee on 398(7)
Intelligence and House Permanent Select
Committee on Intelligence
Memorandum of Law: Assassination
Office of the Judge Advocate General 405(6)
Doctrine for Joint Special Operations
Joint Chiefs of Staff 411(23)
For Further Reading 434