The Tao of Bada Bing : Words of Wisdom from the Sopranos

The Tao of Bada Bing : Words of Wisdom from the Sopranos

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Full Description

Millions of viewers have enjoyed the black humour and the skewed but perceptive wisdom of The Sopranos. This is the official guide to the language, philosophy and street wisdom of the world's most famous mobster family. Included are observations from Tony Soprano, Paulie Walnuts, Pussy, Ralph and Silvio Dante from their conversations at the bar of the Bada Bing strip club, in the psychologists chair with Dr Melfi or ultimately as they dispose of their latest unlucky victim.

Table of Contents

Editors' Note                                      7  (11)
Thirty Spokes Converge 11 (3)
Yin-Yang 14 (6)
The Journey of a Thousand Miles 20 (5)
Written in the Blood 25 (9)
My Sustenance Comes from the Mother 34 (11)
Those Who Know 45 (10)
If a Country Is Governed Wisely 55 (16)
Fill Your House with Gold and Jade 71 (4)
Only One in Ten 75 (6)
The Best Way of Employing a Man 81 (6)
Do You Have the Patience to Wait? 87 (8)
Act without Doing 95 (5)
The Highest Type of Ruler 100(13)
You Fight a War by Exceptional Moves 113(7)
A Man Who Justifies His Actions 120(5)
Savoring the Moment 125(4)
When Exotic Goods Are Traded 129(4)
An Excessive Love 133(18)
The Farther You Go 151(2)
Not Knowing Is True Knowledge 153(7)
If People Have Lives Worth Living 160(2)
The Five Colors Blind the Eye 162(4)
To See the Small 166(4)
Don't Leave a Trace 170(2)
If He Didn't Laugh, It Wouldn't Be Tao! 172(5)
There Is No Greater Misfortune 177(5)
A Man of Violence 182(7)
List of Episodes and Writers 189(2)
A Note on the Translations 191