Modern Cable Television Technology : Video, Voice, and Data Communications (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking) (2ND)

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Modern Cable Television Technology : Video, Voice, and Data Communications (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking) (2ND)

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Full Description

Fully updated, revised, and expanded, this second edition of Modern Cable Television Technology addresses the significant changes undergone by cable since 1999--including, most notably, its continued transformation from a system for delivery of television to a scalable-bandwidth platform for a broad range of communication services. It provides in-depth coverage of high speed data transmission, home networking, IP-based voice, optical dense wavelength division multiplexing, new video compression techniques, integrated voice/video/data transport, and much more.Intended as a day-to-day reference for cable engineers, this book illuminates all the technologies involved in building and maintaining a cable system. But it's also a great study guide for candidates for SCTE certification, and its careful explanations will benefit any technician whose work involves connecting to a cable system or building products that consume cable services.


Part 1 Once Over Lightly 1. Introduction to Cable TelevisionPart 2 The Signals 2. Analog Television 3. Digitally-Compressed Television 4. Digital Modulation 5. Cable Networking Protocols 6. Cable TelephonyPart 3 Headends 7. Signal Reception 8. Headend Signal Processing 9. Headend OperationPart 4 Broadband Distribution Systems 10. Coaxial RF Technology 11. Coaxial Distribution Design 12. Linear Fiber-Optic Signal Transportation 13. Wavelength-Division Multiplexing 14. Linear Microwave Signal Transportation 15. End-to-End Performance 16. Upstream IssuesPart 5 System Architecture 17. Service-Related Architecture Requirements 18. Architectural Elements and Examples 19. Digital Fiber Modulation and Deep Fiber Architectures 20. Network ReliabilityPart 6 Customer Interface Issues 21. Analog Video Reception 22. Digital Video Reception 23. Consumer Electronics Interface 24. Equipment Compatibility 25. Home NetworksAppendix A. Channel Allocation B. Video Waveforms C. Digital Video Components