Transforming Charity : Toward a Results-Oriented Social Sector

Transforming Charity : Toward a Results-Oriented Social Sector

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Full Description

Charities are becoming market-oriented; faith-based organizations are engaging in civic initiatives; social innovators are turning charitable gifts into investments; and the social sector is growing more complex as local communities find new ways to address the needs of those left behind. This book examines the developing trend to assist those in need in ways that deliver real results by changing lives and changing how charity is practiced. Streeter provides concrete examples and draws connections to the larger movement in America to strengthen the institutions of civil society.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            9  (6)
New Charity, Civil Society, and the Future 15 (36)
Seeing the New Charity in the Past: Emden's 15 (4)
Social Welfare
Surfing in the Wake of Welfare Reform 19 (16)
Welfare Reform and the Civil Society 23 (3)
A Multisector Strategy 26 (7)
Three Questions in Search of Three Answers 33 (2)
Intentions versus Investments 35 (9)
What Does American Generosity Mean? 36 (2)
New Charity in the United States 38 (3)
Beyond Bickering about Social Capital 41 (3)
Three Important Domains 44 (7)
Where the Mission Meets the Market 51 (34)
Blurring the Lines between Social and 51 (6)
Mission and Market at the Individual and 53 (4)
Organizational Levels
Jobs Partnership 57 (6)
Getting People to Work through a Program 58 (2)
That Works
A Holistic Program 60 (3)
ServiceMaster's Work Training Businesses 63 (11)
Producing Economic and Social Value 64 (2)
Case Study: Chicago Christian Industrial 66 (4)
Capacity Building 70 (2)
The Mission, the Market, and the Future 72 (2)
The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund-a 74 (5)
New Breed of Investor
Creating Social Returns on Investment 74 (3)
Case Study: Community Vocational 77 (2)
Conclusion: What the Public Sector Should 79 (6)
Be Doing with All of This
Government the Coordinator 80 (1)
Government the Investor 81 (4)
Building a Civic Infrastructure by Leveraging 85 (42)
Local Intermediaries
The Pillars of Civic Infrastructure 86 (6)
Whose Job Is It to Help Those Left Behind? 92 (6)
Between the Heavenly City and the Earthly 98 (17)
City: Intermediary Organizers
The Effective Community Intermediary: 102(7)
Ottawa County Good Samaritan
Government Facilitator: The Front Porch 109(6)
Post-Welfare Reform and a Strong Civic 115(12)
Toward a High-Impact Social Sector 127(34)
Social Spending in America 127(3)
Social Investment in America 130(7)
Measuring Return on Investment 137(13)
ROI-T 139(1)
ROI-D 139(1)
ROI-E 140(1)
Social Return on Investment-REDF Again 141(9)
Conclusion 150(11)
New Ways 151(2)
Where Do the New Ways Take Us? 153(8)
About Hudson Institute 161(2)
Index 163