Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System : The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and the Police

Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System : The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and the Police

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Controlling threats to national security has long been the mission of the U.S. military, while civilian law enforcement has dealt with domestic problems of crime, illegal drugs, and internal disorder. This groundbreaking collection argues persuasively that the conventional distinctions between these two forces are becoming blurred and considers the far-reaching consequences of the disquieting trend to militarize the nation's criminal justice system. The contributors examine the historical and current interrelationships between the military and police, illuminating such areas as the ideological similarities between waging "real wars" and fighting the wars on drugs and crime, the reshaping of the military's role after the end of the Cold War, the rapidly growing influence of advanced military technology in civilian society, and the adaptation of military models such as boot camps and SWAT teams in policing and corrections. As the lines between the military industrial complex and the criminal justice enterprise become ever more clouded, this work provides a much-needed evaluation of the thorny issues, dangers, and public policy ramifications raised by the entanglement between militarism and criminal justice.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
I Militarized Crime Control in America
The Military-Criminal Justice Blur: An 3 (11)
Peter B. Kraska
Crime Control as Warfare: Language Matters 14 (15)
Peter B. Kraska
II The Military-Police Blur
The Thick Green Line: The Growing Involvement 29 (14)
of Military Forces in Domestic Law Enforcement
Colonel Charles J. Dunlap Jr.
The Military Technostructures of Policing 43 (22)
Kevin D. Haggerty
Richard V. Ericson
Waging War on Immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico 65 (17)
Border: Human Rights Implications
Timothy J. Dunn
Community Policing in Battle Garb: A Paradox 82 (23)
or Coherent Strategy?
Matthew T. DeMichele
Peter B. Kraska
III Militarism Comes Home: Punishment,
Feminism, and Popular Culture
Sacrificing Private Ryan: The Military Model 105(15)
and the New Penology
Jonathan Simon
Militarism, Feminism, and Criminal Justice: 120(21)
Challenging Institutionalized Ideologies
Susan L. Caulfield
Playing War: Masculinity, Militarism, and 141(17)
Their Real-World Consequences
Peter B. Kraska
Epilogue: Lessons Learned 158(7)
Peter B. Kraska
Contributors 165(4)
Index 169