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  • 製本 Paperback:紙装版/ペーパーバック版
  • 言語 ENG
  • 商品コード 9781550711530
  • DDC分類 811.54

Full Description

A hitherto lost journal of the indomitable Amelia Peabody has been miraculously recovered: a chronicle from one of the "missing years" -- 1907-1908 -- shedding new light on an already exceptional career, a remarkable family . . . and an unexpected terror.

Ousted from their most recent archaeological dig and banned forever from the Valley of the Kings, the Emersons are spending a quiet summer at home in Kent, England, when a mysterious messenger arrives. Claiming to be the teenage brother of their dear friend Tarek, prince of the mysterious Lost Oasis, the charismatic herald brings troubling news of a strange malady that has struck down Tarek's heir and conveys his brother's urgent need for help only the Emersons can provide.

Driven by loyalty -- and a fear that the evil forces opposing Tarek's rule will now exploit the royal heir's grave illness -- the family sets off in secret for the land time forgot -- a mountain fortress from which they narrowly escaped ten years before. Braving the treacherous desert climate on a trek fraught with danger at every turning, guided only by a crumbling map, the Emersons are unaware that deception is leading them onward into a nest of vipers -- where a dreadful fate may await. For young Ramses, forced to keep his growing love for the beautiful Nefret secret, temptation along the way may prove his ultimate undoing. And a dark past and grim obligation have ensnared Nefret once again, as she is helpless to save those she loves most from the prison of the Lost Oasis.

Guardian of the Horizon is rich with suspense, surprises, unforgettable characters, and the intoxicating atmosphere that has earned its author the coveted title of Grand Master two times over. The remarkable Elizabeth Peters proves once again that, in the world of historical adventure fiction, she is truly without peer.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement                                    7 (2)
Think of a story . . . 9 (2)
Birth 11(1)
April Fools 12(1)
Photographer 13(1)
Departure 14(1)
Landing 15(1)
Waiting 16(2)
Stationed 18(1)
Passage 19(1)
Arrival 20(1)
Simcoe 21(2)
Serpent Mounds 23(1)
Tempered Steel 24(1)
Cure 25(1)
The First Fall 26(1)
Nursery Tales 27(2)
Brick and Glass Houses 29(1)
Lost and Found 30(2)
The Call 32(2)
Entranced 34(2)
The Cemetery 36(2)
Making the Grade 38(1)
Desire 39(2)
Naturally 41(1)
Housework 42(1)
Mistakes 43(2)
Flying Dutchman 45(2)
My Mother in Her Garden 47(1)
Eye Teeth 48(1)
Fish Stories 49(1)
Lush Lawns of June 50(1)
History 51(2)
We Gathered Here 53(1)
Mum's the Word 54(2)
Experiment 56(3)
Bone of Contention 59(1)
Science 60(1)
All Souls 61(1)
Dream 62(1)
Taking Stock 63(1)
Ghostwriter 64(1)
Admission 65(1)
Cold Storage 66(1)
Sign Language 67(2)
Undertaker 69(1)
Dead Sure 70(1)
Vision 71(1)
Insight 72(2)
Clearing 74(2)
New Growth 76(1)
Too connected to be mistaken . . . 77