Improving Your Memory : How to Remember What You're Starting to Forget (4TH)


Improving Your Memory : How to Remember What You're Starting to Forget (4TH)

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Full Description

In the years since the previous edition of Improving Your Memory was published, technology has dramatically changed how we keep track of life's many details. Appliances and car lights turn themselves off, smartphones and computers remind us of appointments, and Google lets us search for the information that we can't remember. Still, we grow frustrated and anxious when words won't come, when we misplace items, or when we forget meetings, birthdays, names. University of Michigan social workers Janet Fogler and Lynn Stern have completely updated their friendly and usable guide to memory improvement techniques. Recognizing that people worry something is wrong with them when they forget things, Fogler and Stern suggest that the antidote to worry is taking positive actions to help us remember what we want to remember. They provide readers with tools for understanding and improving memory, including sixteen helpful exercises. Simple techniques like writing information down, creating a catch word or phrase, altering something in your environment, and reviewing details in advance can put you actively in charge of retrieving information more easily. As in previous editions, Improving Your Memory reinforces memory techniques through real-life examples. This accessible handbook also discusses how memory works; how it changes with age, stress, illness, and depression; and why people remember what they do. Many readers will see immediate improvement in their memory after reading the book.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    vii
I How Memory Works
1 You Can Improve Your Memory 3 (4)
2 Understanding the Components of Memory 7 (6)
3 How We Remember 13 (10)
4 Why We Forget 23 (4)
5 Let's Review 27 (8)
II How Memory Changes as We Age
6 What Changes? What Doesn't? 35 (4)
7 Problems with Encoding 39 (8)
8 Problems with Recall 47 (6)
III Factors That Affect Memory
9 You and Your Memory: A Self-inventory 53 (4)
10 Check Your Effort and Attitude 57 (12)
11 Could Your Mood Be the Problem? 69 (6)
12 Ask Your Doctor about Health Issues 75 (12)
13 Let's Review Again 87 (6)
IV Techniques for Improving Your Memory
14 Exploring Memory Improvement Strategies 93 (4)
15 Improving Your Ability to Encode 97 (12)
16 You Don't Have to Keep Everything in 109(8)
Your Head
17 Did I or Didn't I? 117(4)
18 Remembering More Than One Thing 121(8)
19 Improving Your Ability to Recall 129(8)
20 General Tips for Remembering 137(4)
Appendix. Alzheimer's Disease and Related 141(8)
Answers to the Exercises 149