True and False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse : Assessment and Case Management (Reprint)


True and False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse : Assessment and Case Management (Reprint)

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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Table of Contents

Contributors                                       ix
Foreword xv
Preface xxi
1 Assessing Allegations in Child Sexual 3 (18)
Abuse: An Overview
Tara Ney
2 The Nature of Allegations of Child Sexual 21 (28)
John C. Yuille
Monica Tymofievich
David Marxsen
3 Assessing Young Children's Sexual 49 (24)
Behaviors in the Context of Child Sexual
Abuse Evaluations
Toni Cavanagh Johnson
Colleen Friend
4 Children's Comprehension of Truths, Lies, 73 (26)
and False Beliefs
Nancy Walker Perry
5 Clinical Implications of Research on 99 (26)
Memory Development
Betty N. Gordon
Carolyn S. Schroeder
Peter A. Ornstein
Lynne E. Baker-Ward
6 Assessment and Management of Abuse 125(15)
Allegations with Very Young Children
Sandra K. Hewitt
William N. Friedrich
7 Assessment of Adolescents Who Have Been 140(13)
Sexually Abused
Luise Greuel
Adelheid Kuehne
8 The Language of the Child Abuse 153(10)
Interview: Asking the Questions,
Understanding the Answers
Anne Graffam Walker
Amye R. Warren
9 Assessing the Truth in Children's 163(13)
Debra A. Bekerian
John L. Dennett
10 Psychotherapy and the Recovery of 176(16)
Repressed Memories
Elizabeth F. Loftus
Michael D. Yapko
11 An Introduction to the Cognitive 192(17)
Interview Technique
Debra A. Bekerian
John L. Dennett
12 Evaluating Allegations of Sexual Abuse 209(22)
in the Context of Divorce, Child Custody,
and Access Disputes
Marion F. Ehrenberg
Michael F. Elterman
13 The Role of the Medical Evaluation in 231(11)
Suspected Child Sexual Abuse
Joyce A. Adams
14 Assessment of Sexual Preferences in 242(18)
Cases of Alleged Child Sexual Abuse
Howard E. Barbaree
Edward J. Peacock
15 Some Family Considerations in Assessment 260(15)
and Case Management of Intrafamilial Child
Sexual Abuse
Brian R. Abbott
16 The Assessment of Children with 275(15)
Disabilities Who Report Sexual Abuse: A
Special Look at Those Most Vulnerable
Connie Burrows Horton
Kimberly A. Kochurka
17 Assessment of Children Who May Have Been 290(13)
Abused: The Real World Context
Jon R. Conte
18 The Assessment and Investigation of 303(16)
Ritual Abuse
Grant Charles
19 The Child Witness in Sexual Abuse Cases: 319(15)
Professional and Ethical Considerations
Lorne D. Bertrand
Joseph P. Hornick
Floyd H. Bolitho
20 Ethical and Legal Issues in Cases of 334(21)
Child Sexual Abuse in the United States
Susan P. Limber
Name Index 355(10)
Subject Index 365