Handbook of Corporate University Development : Managing Strategic Learning Initiatives in Public and Private Domains

Handbook of Corporate University Development : Managing Strategic Learning Initiatives in Public and Private Domains

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Full Description

From the moment the first corporate university (CU) was created and the term was coined, the central metaphor of university has proved a double-edged sword. The emphasis on university has been a driving force in moving companies beyond a restricted and siloed approach to training, to a central vision for learning within the organization. On the other hand, there have been failures and many corporate universities have struggled to bring a business rigour to learning or to align their development with the key business and financial drivers of the organization. Handbook of Corporate University Development draws on experience from around the world, to provide anyone responsible for strategy and learning - at senior levels in government, education and business - with a picture of current best practice. The Handbook is not a prescriptive 'how-to', rather an exploration of key issues such as: Who owns a corporate university initiative? How is the funding managed? How is the CU aligned with business strategy? How do CU directors and project managers deploy resources? How do they deal with suppliers? How do they report and measure CU performance? What are the processes and technologies needed to provide and support different forms of learning? How can you blend different media? How do you assess what learning has taken place? What are the future prospects and potential for corporate universities? It is time for the corporate university to demonstrate how business rigour, handled deftly and with strong and perceptive leadership, can revolutionize learning both inside and outside the organization. Handbook of Corporate University Development is an important catalyst towards this process.


Contentsuniversities as strategic learning initiatives, Rob Paton, Geoff Peters, John Storey and Scott Taylor; Using a corporate university initiative to drive strategic change, John Storey and Beate Bungartz; Innovating at scale - the NHSU, Lee Taylor and Bob Fryer; Addressing key skill shortage in the international IT industry, Dr Michelle Selinger; The rise and fall of a major corporate university: the case of Aqua Universitas; Peter Matthews; Evolution and experimentation: the Barclays University Case, Scott Taylor, John Rogers and John Storey; The centralization dilemma (and a balanced solution), Jean-Claude Nataf and Stacia Vigne; Doing business with business schools, Dr Raymond Madden; Working with e-learning suppliers, Dr. Perry Williams; Reviewing and reporting results, Rob Paton; Partnering educational providers in a developing country, David Morris; Gaining accreditation for a CU, Gordon Shenton, Peter Clist, Daniel Dirks; What e-learning has taught us, Kieran Levis, Cortona Consulting; Designing for blended learning, Jim Flood and Rob Paton; The assessment of workplace learning: issues and approaches, Robin Mason; Developing an e-enabled Corporate Learning Strategy, Peter Bentley; Communities of value - harnessing the power of networked learning, Crystal Schaffer and Steven Smith; Networked learning in the public sector: the case of NCSL, David Jackson; Delivering business benefit through organizational learning through a corporate a university, Paul McCoy and Richard West; The emerging technologies, Peter Scott; Global trends in CU practice, Jeanne C. Meister and Thomas Kraack; Index.