Administering Special Education Programs : A Practical Guide for School Leaders


Administering Special Education Programs : A Practical Guide for School Leaders

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Full Description

This book is designed to augment current educational administration preparation programs. It provides information absent from the textbooks most widely used in the preparation of general education administrators. It addresses both the knowledge base and the attitudinal perspective needed by school administrators to serve students with special education needs. Topics covered include: legal issues, the nature of diverse students, curriculum considerations, resource utilization, administration of programs and services, collaboration-based leadership, and a parental perspective on teaming. Case studies related to issues raised in chapters provide opportunity for problem solving and reflective thinking.The book may be used as a resource throughout the educational administration preparation program. Faculty using this book need not be special education experts. This work provides an initial level of knowledge and awareness of special education issues and includes references for more in-depth investigations. Educational administration faculty who align the various chapters and case studies with course objectives and topics covered in their educational administration preparation program will be able to maximize the book's utility. The book will stimulate reasoned discussion among prospective school administrators in graduate level preparation programs.

Table of Contents

Tables                                             vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
1 What Do Building Administrators Need to Know 1 (10)
about Special Education?
Thomas M. Stephens and Jon J. Nieberding
2 What Attitudes Do Building Administrators 11 (14)
Need to Have toward Special Education?
H. Roberta Weaver and Mary F Landers
3 Legal Issues in Special Education 25 (24)
Charles J. Russo and Allan G. Osborne, Jr.
4 The Nature of Diverse Populations 49 (34)
Beverly A. Tillman and Carolyn Talbert Johnson
5 Curriculum Considerations 83 (24)
Timothy E. Heron, Yvonne L. Goddard, and
Matthew J. Tincani
6 Administration of Programs and Services 107(22)
Stephen B. Richards and Steven C. Russell
7 Resource Utilization 129(22)
Kevin L. Bright
8 Collaborative-Based Leadership 151(22)
Bridgie A. Ford and Susan G. Clark
9 A Parental Perspective on Teaming 173(18)
Margaret Burley
Index 191(8)
About the Editors and Contributors 199