DNA科学テキスト(第2版)<br>DNA Science : A First Course (2 SUB)

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DNA Science : A First Course (2 SUB)

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The new edition of a highly successful textbook (over 50,000 copies sold) in which a highly illustrated, narrative text is combined with, thorougyly reliable laboratory protocols. Contains an up-to-date collection of 12 rigorously tested lab experiments in molecular biology.

Table of Contents

Dedication                                         v
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
How We Learned That DNA Is the Genetic 3 (34)
How We Learned the Function of DNA 37 (32)
How We Learned How Genes Are Regulated 69 (38)
Basic Tools and Techniques of DNA Science 107(34)
Methods for Finding and Expressing 141(42)
Important Genes
Modern Methods for Analyzing Whole Genomes 183(38)
The DNA Science of Cancer 221(38)
Applying DNA Science to Human Genetics and 259(300)
Lab Safety and Adherence to National 315(16)
Institutes of Health Guidelines
Measurements, Micropipetting, and 321(10)
Sterile Techniques
Bacterial Culture Techniques 331(20)
Isolation of Individuals Colonies 333(7)
Overnight Suspension Culture 340(5)
Mid-log Suspension Culture 345(6)
DNA Restriction Analysis 351(24)
Effects of DNA Methylation on Restriction 375(10)
Rapid Colony Transformation of E. coli 385(14)
with Plasmid DNA
Assay for an Antibiotic Resistance Enzyme 399(12)
Purification and Identification of 411(12)
Recombinant GFP
Purification of GFP by HIC 412(5)
Page Analysis of Purified GFP 417(6)
Purification and Identification of 423(20)
Plasmid DNA
Plasmid Minipreparation of pAMP 424(7)
Restriction Analysis of Purified pAMP 431(12)
Recombination of Antibiotic Resistance 443(14)
Restriction Digest of Plasmids pAMP and 445(7)
Ligation of pAMP and pKAN Restriction 452(5)
Transformation of E. coli with 457(16)
Recombinant DNA
Classic Procedure for Preparing 458(5)
Competent Cells
Transformation of E. coli with 463(10)
Recombinant DNA
Replica Plating to Identify Mixed E. coli 473(8)
Purification and Identification of 481(40)
Recombinant DNA
Plasmid Minipreparation of pAMP/pKAN 482(5)
Restriction Analysis of Purified 487(14)
Recombinant DNA
Answers to Discussion Questions 501(20)
1 Equipment, Supplies, and Reagents 521(8)
2 Recipes for Media, Reagents, and Stock 529(18)
3 Restriction Map Data for pAMP, pKAN, 547(16)
pBLU, pGREEN, and Bacteriophage λ
4 Cautions 563
Name Index 559(2)
Subject Index 561