Newe Hupia : Shoshoni Poetry Songs


Newe Hupia : Shoshoni Poetry Songs

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Full Description

No Canadian city has been featured in cinema more than Toronto. The reel city of Toronto is a place of fascinating complexity, rich contradiction, and radical transformation. In Toronto on Film, Geoff Pevere looks at Toronto's portrayal by filmmakers such as David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan and in seminal films such as Don Owen's Nobody Waved Goodbye and Don Shebib's Goin' Down the Road. Pevere shows how filmmakers such as Deepa Mehta (Sam and Me, Bollywood/Hollywood) and Srnivas Krishna (Masala) created an alternative and magical view of the city. The book also includes essays by critic and scholar Matthew Hays; Toronto International Film Festival co-director and CEO Piers Handling; former Take One editor and publisher, Wyndham Wise; filmmaker and scholar Brenda Longfellow; and associate director of Canadian programming at TIFF, Steve Gravestock.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    xi
Abbreviations xii
Introduction 1 (23)
Works Cited 24 (3)
Audio Compact Disc
Songs 27 (1)
CD Track
Totsantsi `Cleansing', Earl Crum 28 (2)
Ainkappata `Red Currants', Earl Crum 30 (2)
Puisenna `Green Aspen', Earl Crum 32 (2)
Sai Paa Hupia `Boat and Water Song', Beverly 34 (2)
Waseppittsian Nahupia `Song of the Mountain 36 (2)
Sheep', Earl Crum
Tahmani Hupia `Spring Song', Earl Crum 38 (2)
Hunnita Ma'ai A'ninna Nahupia `Red Ants and 40 (2)
Black Ants Song', Earl Crum
Teheya'an Kuhan Nahupia `Song of the Buck 42 (3)
Deer', Earl Crum
Pia Teheya'an Kuhan Nahupia `Stag Song', Earl 45 (2)
Yepani Hupia `Fall Song', Earl Crum 47 (2)
Kwahatenna Kuhan Nahupia `Song of the Buck 49 (6)
Antelope', Earl Crum
Tekaitennan Nahupia `Song of the Hunter', 55 (5)
Earl Crum
Ainkam Pehyen Nahupia `Song of the Red Duck', 60 (2)
Earl Crum
Pia Kuittsunnan Nahupia `Song of the Big 62 (2)
Buffalo', Earl Crum
Huittsaannan Nahupia `Song of the Sage Hen' 64 (4)
Earl Crum
Hoakkantennan Nahupia `Song of the Warrior' 68 (2)
Beverly Crum
Tuittsi'an Nahupia `Song of the Young Man' 70 (3)
Earl Crum
Upi Katete `There She Sits', Beverly Crum 73 (2)
Piatetsii'an Nahupia `Song of Wild Rice', 75 (2)
Earl Crum
Toyakaitennan Nahupia `Thunder Song', Earl 77 (2)
Pa'emah Hupia `Rain Song', Earl Crum 79 (2)
Tempitta Nemittan Nahupia `Song of the Rock 81 (2)
Walker', Earl Crum
Tsaan Napuni Tamme Sokopi `How Beautiful Is 83 (3)
Our Land', Beverly Crum
Pia Isan Nahupia `Wolf Song', Beverly Crum 86 (2)
Kamme Hupia `Jackrabbit Song', Earl Crum 88 (3)
Pimmaa Tuintsi `Young Calves', Earl Crum 91 (2)
Oyon Tempi `Every Rock', Earl Crum 93 (6)
Tooppehan Nahupia `Cloud Song', Earl Crum 99 (2)
Pia Pakenappeh `Heavy Fog', Earl Crum 101(3)
Pasiwakkatetem Manteh `To the Sand Dunes' 104(2)
Earl Crum
Yuwannan Totompeentsi `Heat Wave', Earl Crum 106(3)
Pui Aipin Tempi Tenapoo `Marks of Blue Chalky 109(2)
Clay', Earl Crum
Payampa Yampa Tuu `Through the Wild Carrot 111(2)
Fields', Earl Crum
Tahma Okwaiteentsi `Spring Floods' Earl Crum 113(2)
Pakenappeh `Fog', Earl Crum 115(2)
Tekaimmi'a `Going Hunting', Earl Crum 117(2)
Puiwoo `Little Green Fish', Earl Crum 119(2)
Pia Potto(n) `Big Grinding Stone', Earl Crum 121(2)
Saai Pakantsukkih `Tule Blackbirds', Earl Crum 123(3)
Tosa Weyempih `White Buffalo Berry', Earl Crum 126(2)
Tuuppantsuku `Dark Mink', Earl Crum 128(2)
Pia Wantsi `Tall Grass', Earl Crum 130(2)
Pantei Hupia `Killdeer Song', Beverly Crum 132(2)
Tukani Hupia `Night Song', Earl Crum 134(2)
Hiim Patatsiinna `Something Is Shining', Earl 136(2)
Tammem Piineen Temapaiappeh `What Our Mothers 138(2)
Have Made', Beverly Crum
Nean Temapaiappeh `What I Have Made', Beverly 140(2)
Hupia Waimpentsi `Song Woman', Beverly Crum 142(2)
Tuun Nekentannan Tuattsi'an Nahupia `Song of 144(4)
the Child of a Dark Goose', Beverly Crum and
Earl Crum
Nanisuntehai Hupia `Prayer Song', Earl Crum 148(2)
Tuukkwi'naa'an Nahupia `Song of the Golden 150(2)
Eagle', Beverly Crum
Tamme Yampa Sateettsi `Our Wild Carrot Pet', 152(2)
Beverly Crum
Nattahsu'u Hupia `Medicine Song', Earl Crum 154(5)
Natsiwenne Hupia `Flag Song', Beverly Crum 159(2)
Music 161(6)
Glossary 167(60)
Introduction 168(2)
Shoshoni to English 170(57)
English to Shoshoni 227