The Good Earth Home and Garden Book

The Good Earth Home and Garden Book

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Full Description

People want their homes to be beautiful, natural, and safe for work and play. The Good Earth Home & Garden Book is a one-stop resource, loaded with ideas and solutions to create and maintain beautiful and environmentally friendly living spaces. This book is chock-full of helpful hints for remedying common household problems and eliminating pests - naturally! Readers will find more than 50 formulas and tips for making life easier without harsh chemicals or mysterious additives. Products for everday use such as window cleaner, furniture polish, natural pesticides, and flea repellants are included in this beautifully illustrated guide. Kellar also includes some significant, up-to-the-minute energy-saving tips for the home, garden, and automobile.

Table of Contents

Beautifying and Cleaning Solutions for the 10(14)
Interiors 12(9)
All-Purpose Wall, Tub, Tile, and 13(1)
Counter Cleaner
Cleaning Ceilings 13(1)
Super Spotless Mirror and Window Cleaner 14(1)
Cleaning Fireplaces 14(1)
Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner 14(1)
Wood Cleaning and Polishing Oil 15(1)
Leather Clean and Shine 15(1)
Leather Moisturizing Polish 15(1)
Degreaser 16(1)
Vacuum Fresh 17(1)
Dry Carpet Cleaner and Revitalizer 18(1)
Paint Remover 18(1)
Home Air Freshener 19(1)
Baby Room Anti-Dust Spray 19(1)
Mother's Disinfectant Spray 20(1)
Disinfectant Spray νm;Two 20(1)
Garage/Shop and Home Exteriors 21(3)
Clean Up and Organize Ideas 21(1)
Controlling Moss on Your Roof 21(1)
Moss Cleaner for Wood Decks 21(1)
Bleach for Concrete Walks 22(1)
Special Grease Spot Remover 22(1)
Tile and Siding Cleaner 23(1)
Pool and Spa Cleaner 23(1)
Energy Efficient, Fuel Smart---Signs of the 24(6)
Home Insulation Tips 26(2)
Cost-Saving Car Facts 28(2)
Expect the Best, But Think Like a Scout: 30(6)
Prepare for Disasters
First Aid Kit 32(1)
Safe Disposal of Old Chemicals 33(3)
All Creatures Great and Small 36(17)
Making Treats for Your Pets 39(4)
Healthy Doggie Treats 39(1)
Dog and Cat Hot-Weather Treats 40(1)
Kitty Goodies 41(1)
High-Protein Bird Treats 42(1)
Pet Problems and Solutions Around Your 43(3)
The Fussy Eater 43(1)
The Ears 43(1)
Skin Problems 44(1)
Digestive Upsets 45(1)
Natural Remedies for Happy, Healthy Pets 46(5)
Health Tonic for Your Cat or Dog 46(1)
Super Odor Remover for Real Emergencies 46(49)
No-Lick Spray 95
Dry Pet Shampoo 47(1)
Flea and Bug Repellent Gentle Shampoo 48(1)
for Pets
Flea Repellent Bed 48(1)
Toothpaste for Pets 49(1)
Fur Conditioner for Your Pets 50(1)
Cat Box Deodorizer 50(1)
Gifts for Pets and Their Owners 51(2)
New Puppy Gift Set 51(1)
Christmas or Birthday Gifts for Dogs 51(1)
All-Purpose Cat Basket 52(1)
For Our Fine-Feathered Friends---and 53
Bird Lovers, Too