Quality Deer Management : The Basics and Beyond

Quality Deer Management : The Basics and Beyond

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Full Description

Participation in Quality Deer Management (QDM) is quickly spreading across the United States. This full-color book thoroughly explores the tenets of QDM, including land development, proper animal harvest, obtaining good doe-to-buck ratios, developing nutritious food sources, and many more principles that lead to healthier deer herds and bigger bucks with larger antlers. The history and benefits of QDM are thoroughly explained, so landowners can determine if QDM is a feasible option. Landowners will learn how to test soil acidity, manage woodlands, create food plots, and estimate deer populations. Forestry management is reviewed, as well as proper QDM hunting strategies, and how to promote QDM to neighboring landowners. - Describes quality deer management (QDM) as a tool for building quality deer herds - Provides land and forestry management tips - Discusses proper QDM hunting strategies for controlling antlerless herds

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           7  (2)
Introduction 9 (3)
History of QDM in America 12 (8)
The Benefits of QDM 20 (8)
Is QDM Feasible for You? 28 (10)
A Grassroots Success Story 38 (14)
It's In the Stones: The Role of Soil 52 (10)
The Ultimate Food Plot 62 (12)
The Role of Good Forestry Practices 74 (14)
What Do You Know About Your Deer? 88 (10)
Are You Shooting Enough Does? 98 (10)
Tale of the Tape: Record-Keeping Tips 108(6)
From Buttons to B&C: Is it Possible? 114(12)
The Whitetail's Spring 126(6)
The Whitetail's Summer 132(6)
The Whitetail's Autumn 138(10)
The Whitetail's Winter 148(8)
Hunting Strategies that Make QDM Shine 156(16)
Commercial QDM 172(10)
The Social Side of QDM: Selling the Vision 182(8)
The Future of QDM 190(6)
QDM Q&A 196(7)
References 203(2)
Index 205(1)
Acknowledgments 206(2)
About the Author 208