Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values (Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values) (8TH)

Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values (Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values) (8TH)

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Full Description

Truly the best reference and price guide available for antique American arms. The combination of historical reference, vastness of scope, and authoritative pricing make this the ultimate antique American arms value guide. The world's best-known antique arms dealer and authority expands and updates prices and adds more historic information in this new eighth edition. Identify and price more than 4,000 antique American firearms manufactured from the colonial era to 1900, using two grades of condition. A detailed history of firearms adds to the reader's knowledge of how a specific gun is priced. Prices have been fully reviewed to reflect current market values. A quick reference section includes a detailed index to guide collectors to specifications, values, and historical data on specific arms.

Table of Contents

About the Author                                   4  (1)
Acknowledgments 5 (3)
Foreword 8 (1)
Introduction 9 (5)
Collecting Firearms 14 (9)
Values and Condition 23 (8)
Restoration and Fakes; Where the Fine Line is 31 (6)
The Arms Library 37 (244)
Major American Manufactures
Ethan Allen (Allen & Thurber, Allen & 43 (20)
Wheelock, E. Allen & Co.)
Colt Firearms 63 (46)
Manhattan Firearms Company 109(5)
Marlin (Including Ballard and 114(20)
Remington Firearms 134(31)
Sharps Firearms 165(15)
Smith & Wesson 180(27)
Stevens Arms Company 207(19)
Frank Wesson (Including Wesson & Harrington 226(12)
and Harrington & Richardson)
Whitney Arms Company 238(22)
Winchester Firearms (and Their Predecessor 260(21)
American Military Single Shot Pistols 281(148)
U.S. Issue/Primary Types 283(10)
Secondary Types 293(10)
American Percussion Pistols
Revolvers 303(22)
Pepperboxes 325(7)
Single and Multi-Barrel Pistols 332(13)
Deringers (Henry Deringer and his Imitators) 345(13)
Underhammer Pistols 358(9)
Dueling, Target and Belt Pistols 367(3)
American Metallic Cartridge Pistols
Revolvers, Pepperboxes, Single and 370(53)
Multi-Barrel Pistols, Suicide Specials
Semi-Automatic Pistols 423(6)
American Military Longarms 429(95)
U.S. Issue/Primary Types 434(64)
Secondary Types 498(26)
Confederate Firearms 524(19)
Handguns 527(5)
Longarms 532(11)
Kentucky Rifles and Pistols 543(16)
Rifles 548(7)
Pistols 555(4)
Percussion Sporting and Target Rifles, Plains 559(11)
Rifles, Flintlock New England Rifles & Pistols
Lever Action and Other Repeating Rifles 570(6)
Single Short Breech-Loading Cartridge Rifles 576(9)
Revolving Rifles 585(13)
American Colonial and Revolutionary War 598(11)
American Shotguns and Fowling Pieces 609(21)
Miscellanea (Whaling Guns, Indian Guns, Alarm 630(41)
Guns, Blunderbusses, Spring and Air Guns,
Harmonica and Needle Fire Guns, Yacht and
other Salute Cannon)
Major Manufactures Index 655(4)
Alphabetical Index 659(12)
NRA Condition Standards for Antique Firearms 671