The Complete Blackpowder Handbook (Complete Blackpowder Handbook)

The Complete Blackpowder Handbook (Complete Blackpowder Handbook)

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Full Description

A one-stop shop for blackpowder and muzzleloading fans, this comprehensive 4th edition contains practically everything on blackpowder guns, shooting loads, shooting games, and new developments. View today's guns, expanded hunting-load recipes, and equipment advancements to stay on top of this fast-moving and ever-expanding sport. A valuable reference and teaching tool for blackpowder users of all ages, the handbook teaches readers the histories of blackpowder guns, how to shoot blackpowder rifles, handguns, and shotguns, and correct cleaning and maintenance measures vital to the longevity of these guns. Hunters, shooters and history buffs will find this book enjoyable and educational as they explore the early firearms that helped to win America's freedom and helped keep food on the settlers' tables.

Table of Contents

Dedication                                         3  (1)
About The Covers 3 (3)
Introduction 6 (3)
In The Beginning 9 (5)
How A Hat Changed America And American 14 (10)
Taking The Blackpowder Trail 24 (11)
Blackpowder Guns 35 (7)
Great Blackpowder Hunts 42 (6)
Outfitting The Blackpowder Shooter 48 (8)
Using Blackpowder Accounterments 56 (7)
Safety Management 63 (7)
Replicas And In-the-spirit Guns 70 (6)
Non-replicas 76 (4)
The Modern Muzzleloader 80 (9)
Custom Blackpowder Guns 89 (8)
Just For Show And Tell 97 (6)
The Pyrotechnics Of Blackpowder 103(10)
Pyrodex And Pyrodex Pellets 113(5)
The Amazing Lead Sphere 118(7)
Conicals For Muzzleloaders And Cartridge Guns 125(8)
The Cloth Patch (And Paper-Patched Conical) 133(6)
Chemicals For Blackpowder Shooting 139(7)
Loading Procedures For Success 146(12)
Optimum Loads 158(6)
Ballistics 164(8)
Accuracy Or Nothing At All 172(9)
Running Ball 181(10)
How Blackpowder Guns Work 191(10)
Real Gun Balistics 201(6)
Understanding Rifling Twist 207(6)
Ignition 213(9)
Sights For Blackpowder Guns 222(8)
Sighting-In And Hitting The Target 230(9)
Shooting The Smallbore Muzzleloading Rifle 239(5)
The Big-Bore Blackpowder Gun 244(9)
Powers Of The Rifled Musket 253(8)
The Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle 261(9)
The Blackpowder Shotgun 270(10)
Blackpowder Handguns 280(8)
Smoothbore Success 288(6)
Maintaining The Blackpowder Firearm 294(8)
Muzzleloader Troubleshooting 302(7)
Blackpowder On The Internet 309(2)
Modern Custom Blackpowder Gunmarks 311(5)
On The Big Game Trail With The Smokepole 316(12)
Muzzleloader Hunting For Small Game And 328(6)
Ben's Bird And Others With The Smokepole 334(8)
The 45-70 Government Cartridge - Still Going! 342(7)
Ivory Hunters Of The Dark Continent 349(7)
American Sharpshooters From Bygone Days 356(5)
Sam's And Jake's Special Rifle---The Hawken 361(8)
Shooting Games At The Rendezvous 369(7)
Blackpowder Cartridge Silhouette And Cowboy 376(11)
Action Shooting
Directory 387(7)
Books For Blackpowder Shooters 394(9)
Periodicals Of Interest For The Blackpowder 403(1)
Blackpowder Associations 404(1)
Outfitters For Blackpowder Hunters 405(2)
Tables 407(1)
Weight In Grains Per Volume For Selected 408(1)
Muzzleloader Propellants
Index 409