Safety in the Ceramics Studio : How to Handle Ceramic Materials Safely

Safety in the Ceramics Studio : How to Handle Ceramic Materials Safely

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Full Description

Every potter wants to work in a safe environment and needs the extensive data presented in this unique reference. The potter's health and safety are covered in detail from ceramic toxicology to safe handling of raw materials. Guidelines for using clays, glazes, tools, kilns, and other equipment are presented. Questions such as "What's the best way to handle ceramic materials?" and "Is barium carbonate safe?" are answered in full detail. This is the safety guide that every student, teacher, and ceramic professional will refer to again and again while working with clay and glaze materials. - Covers, in expert detail, all aspects of safety in the ceramics studio - Text and detailed photos offer a practical "how to" approach to working in a safe environment - Easy-to-understand, non-technical language

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       5  (3)
Studio Planning 8 (7)
Ceramics Areas---Studio Safety 15 (10)
Studio Furniture and Storage 25 (11)
Safety Equipment 36 (10)
Kiln Venting Systems 46 (13)
Safety Procedures and Clothing 59 (5)
Respirators for the Studio Potter 64 (7)
Shielded Headgear, Eye and Face Protection 71 (2)
Eye Protection for the Studio Potter 73 (5)
How to Read and Understand Material Safety 78 (26)
Data Sheets
Ceramic Raw Materials---Inhalation, Dermal 104(14)
Absorption, Ingestion
Is Barium Carbonate Safe? 118(6)
Talc and Asbestos 124(2)
Toxicity Issues of Refractory Ceramic Fiber 126(2)
Common Ceramics Studio Hazards 128(7)
Glaze Testing Services 135(6)
``The Potter's Health & Safety Questionnaire'' 141(11)
Risk Assessment 152(2)
Conclusion 154(1)
Acknowledgments 155(2)
Sources 157(1)
Articles by the Author 158(1)
Index 159