Pain Erasure : The Bonnie Prudden Way (Reprint)


Pain Erasure : The Bonnie Prudden Way (Reprint)

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Full Description

Bonnie Prudden's revolutionary breakthrough in pain relief involves trigger points -- tender areas where muscles have been damaged from falls, childhood ailments, poor posture, and the stresses of daily life. Requiring no special training or equipment, myotherapy is a natural, simple technique that can be performed in the home. Illustrated with charts, photographs, and diagrams, Bonnie Prudden's step-by-step method has been hailed by doctors and patients for its extraordinary 95 percent success rate.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    x
Note to the Reader xi
Foreword xii
Most People Don't Have to Suffer Pain 1 (6)
What Myotherapy Is, Its Medical Origins,
and How It Erases Pain
To Erase Pain, Erase Trigger Points 7 (8)
What a Trigger Point Is and How It Functions
The Major Causes of Trigger Points
How a Stressful Climate Triggers Pain
Some By
products of Pain
Importance of a Healthy Climate in Warding
Off Pain
Techniques Used in Myotherapy 15 (11)
Why Myotherapy Works
How Do You Get Started?
The Technique for Applying Pressure
How to Make a Trigger Point Map
The End
of Session Stretch and Other Exercise
Know Your Subject's History
Myotherapy Success Score with Chronic Pain:
To Date, 95 Percent
Rid Yourself of Backache 26 (13)
Odyssey of a Backache Sufferer
How to Erase Lower Back Pain
Side-Lying Stretch Exercise
Erasing Trigger Points from Hips
Leg Stretch
Muscles of the Back and Back Pain
Erasing Trigger Points from the ``Belt''
Cat Back-Old Horse Stretch Exercise
The Limbering Series
Rid Yourself of Headaches and Jaw Pain 39 (28)
Some Theories on the Causes of Migraines
The Types of Migraine
Other Kinds of Headache
Check for Abnormalities
Myotherapy Record: 95 Percent Success
Hunting'' in Search of Pain
Erasing Trigger Points Around the Eyes
Erasing Trigger Points Around the Nose and
Trigger Point Erasure Around the Ears
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction: A Pain
in the Jaw
Jaw Pain Plus Head Pain (Continued)
Trigger Point Erasure Around the Neck
Stretch and Resistance Exercise for Neck
Arthritis Pain Can Be Relieved 67 (29)
Arthritis Strikes Nearly Everyone
Happily, Arthritis Pain Responds to
Splinting and Substitution
Prevalence of Arthritis by Occupation
The Types of Arthritis
Medication and Arthritis
Case Histories of Arthritics Helped by
The Classic Greek Foot
What Modern Medicine Has in Its Little
Black Bag for Arthritics
Common Pains and What to Do About Them 96 (67)
Shoulder-Pain Syndrome
The Thread
Needle Stretch
Shrug Series
Trigger Points in the Lower Legs
Leg Stretch
Trigger Points in the Upper Legs
Flexibility Bounces
Relief of Menstrual Cramps and Pain in the
Groin Stretch
Help for Painful Knees
Stretch for Inside of the Upper Leg
Stretch for the Center Line of the Leg
Stretch for the Outside of the Leg
Stretch for Lower Leg plus Stiff and
Painful Ankles
Relief for Hurting Feet
Foot Massage and Exercises
The Chest Muscles and Pain
Clearing Trigger Points from the Chest
Snap and Stretch Exercise for the
Latissimus Dorsi
Lateral Overhead Reach
Pain in the Arms and Hands
The Arm
Shoulder Rotations
The Hand
Exercises for the Hand
Athletes, Weekend Sportsmen, and Their Pains
Immediate Mobilization
Seeking Massage
Fibrositis Massage
Pain Related to Pregnancy and Birth
Help for Mother and Child 137(26)
What's So Different Today?
Sports During Pregnancy
Exercises to Do During Pregnancy
Pre- and Postnatal Relaxation Techniques
Why Your Baby Needs Myotherapy
The Baby Who Arrived in a Hurry
The Baby Who Couldn't Stand Up
Trigger Point Erasure in Babies
The Value of Exercises with Baby
The Exercises
Seeking Massage for Babies
Massage and Myotherapy for Prevention
Erase the Pains of Aging or Hurting 163(56)
We Can Counteract Deterioration
How to Survive a Hospital
Bed Ballet
Hopeless Cases? We Don't Believe It
To Ward Off Pain
Test Your Fitness, Improve Your Fitness 193(26)
The Tests
Correctives for the K-W Abdominal Tests
Corrective for the K-W Psoas Test
Corrective for the K-W Upper and Lower Back
Corrective for the K-W Back and Hamstring
Flexibility Test
Your Basic Fitness Program to Keep Pain Away
One Last Reminder
Afterword 219(14)
Appendixes 233(33)
1. Muscle and Skeletal Plates of the Human 233(24)
2. Table of Pains and Other Symptoms, 257(4)
Giving Areas of the Body Harboring Related
Trigger Points
3. Table of Occupations and Related Pain 261(3)
4. Table of Sports and Related Pain Hazards 264(2)
Sources 266(4)
Index 270