Medicolegal Neuropathology : A Color Atlas


Medicolegal Neuropathology : A Color Atlas

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 330 p., 600 photos.
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Shows various trauma and diseases of the brain and spinal cord in the forensic context of sudden death investigation.

Full Description

Medicolegal Neuropathologyexplains many neuropathologic findings in a way that will aid investigators of sudden and unexpected death integrate their own findings into the total case context. With helpful tips and reminders, as well as over 500 bold, colorful photographs, this well-organized resource helps you quickly recognize, document, and understand the diverse realm of neuropathological findings waiting to be discovered at autopsy.Organized in a case-oriented format, Medicolegal Neuropathology: A Color Atlas shows you:Many large external and internal color photographsProper methods of documenting and interpreting pathologic findingsMethods of performing specialized autopsy proceduresTechniques for proper sampling and preparation of tissues for microscopic examinationImportant traumatic and nontraumatic findings and their significanceA refresher course on normal anatomical structures

Table of Contents

  Scalp Injury                                     1  (8)
Skull Fracture 9 (20)
Epidural Hemorrhage 29 (6)
Subdural Hemorrhage 35 (12)
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage 47 (12)
Cerebral Contusion 59 (16)
Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury 75 (18)
Increased Intracranial Pressure and Its 93 (12)
Firearm Injury 105(14)
Persistent Vegetative State 119(8)
Epilepsy 127(4)
Cerebral Ischemia/Infarct 131(14)
Hypertensive and Drug-Related Intracerebral 145(6)
Pediatrics - General 151(12)
Pediatrics - Trauma 163(16)
Spinal Cord Injury 179(8)
Artifact and Decomposition 187(10)
Infection 197(10)
Neoplasm 207(6)
Neurodegenerative Disease 213(8)
Miscellaneous 221(10)
Special Stains, Techniques, etc. 231(8)
Normal Human Neuroanatomy 239(26)
Index 265