Archaeological Chemistry : Materials, Methods, and Meaning (Acs Symposium Series)


Archaeological Chemistry : Materials, Methods, and Meaning (Acs Symposium Series)

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Full Description

This book provides examples of analytical methods in a variety of archaeological materials. It presents analytical techniques that incur no visible destruction of the artifact under examination. Using patterns in the analytical data derived from a wide variety of analytical methods, different components of past human behaviour are inferred, including diet, technology of manufacture, source of raw materials, trade routes, and determination of age.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Archaeological Chemistry: Materials, Methods, 1 (7)
and Meaning
Kathryn A. Jakes
Potential for Virtually Nondestructive 8 (14)
Radiocarbon and Stable Carbon Isotopic
Analyses on Perishable Archaeological
Karen L. Steelman
Marvin W. Rowe
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Radiocarbon 22 (14)
Ages of an Oxalate Accretion and Rock
Paintings at Toca do Serrote da Bastiana,
Karen L. Steelman
Richard Rickman
Marvin W. Rowe
Thomas W. Boutton
Jon Russ
Niede Guidon
Measuring Lead Isotope Ratios in Majolica 36 (12)
from New Spain Using a Nondestructive
Susan Reslewic
James H. Burton
Characterization of Archaeological Materials 48 (16)
by Laser Ablation--Inductively Coupled
Plasma--Mass Spectrometry
Robert J. Speakman
Hector Neff
Michael D. Glascock
Barry J. Higgins
Modern and Ancient Resins from Africa and the 64 (20)
Joseph B. Lambert
Yuyang Wu
Jorge A. Santiago-Blay
Characterization and Radiocarbon Dating of 84 (26)
Archaeological Resins from Southeast Asia
C. D. Lampert
I. C. Glover
C. P. Heron
B. Stern
R. Shoocongdej
G. B. Thompson
Analysis of Glass Beads and Glass Recovered 110(18)
from an Early 17th-Century Glassmaking House
in Amsterdam
K. Karklins
R. G. V. Hancock
J. Baart
M. L. Sempowski
J.-F. Moreau
D. Barham
S. Aufreiter
I. Kenyon
Morphology and Microstructure of Marine Silk 128(23)
Rekha Srinivasan
Kathryn A. Jakes
Electron Spin Resonance Studies To Explore 151(18)
the Thermal History of Archaeological Objects
Robert G. Hayes
Mark R. Schurr
Geochemical Analysis of Obsidian and the 169(16)
Reconstruction of Trade Mechanisms in the
Early Neolithic Period of the Western
Robert H. Tykot
Chemical, Technological, and Social Aspects 185(14)
of Pottery Manufacture in the La Quemada
Region of Northwest Mexico
E. Christian Wells
Ben A. Nelson
Trace Element Analysis and Its Role in 199(15)
Analyzing Ceramics in the Eastern Woodlands
Christina B. Rieth
Contribution of Stable Isotope Analysis to 214(17)
Understanding Dietary Variation among the Maya
Robert H. Tykot
Chemical Compositions of Chinese Coins of 231(16)
Emperor Ch'ien Lung (Qian Long) and Annamese
Coins of Emperor Thanh Thai via
Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
Tiffany Gaines
Eric McGrath
Vincent Iduma
Renee Kuzava
Sarah Frederick
Mark Benvenuto
Author Index 247(1)
Subject Index 248