Readers in Wonderland : The Liberating Worlds of Fantasy Fiction : from Dorothy to Harry Potter

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Readers in Wonderland : The Liberating Worlds of Fantasy Fiction : from Dorothy to Harry Potter

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Full Description

There has been an acceleration of interest in fantasy fiction, which is more and more being read by adults as well as by children. In this book, the author discusses the work of more than 80 writers mostly from the past half century, and shows why their tales have proved to be so compelling. Fantasy reading does not merely provide escape from troubles and aid in developing the self, it also helps one respond to all that is outside the private self. It shows how to make sense of a confusing world by offering coherence and a sense of larger possibilities.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            9  (2)
Introduction: How to Make Sense of a World 11 (2)
From Alice to Harry 13 (3)
What Fantasy Fiction Does to Us 16 (6)
Setting Forth 22 (5)
A Child Goes into the World 27 (26)
Brief Excursions 28 (5)
Fantasy Tales and Their Readers 33 (2)
The Question behind the Quest 35 (4)
The Voice of the Storyteller 39 (5)
How to Frighten a Child 44 (9)
Lighter Worlds: Living in Harmony and 53 (29)
Heroes Who Don't Go Home 54 (7)
Celebrating the Community 61 (5)
Since 1950 66 (9)
Marvelous Places 75 (7)
Shifting Worlds: Playing with Time and Space 82 (31)
The Big, the Little, and the Good 85 (7)
Masters of Magic 92 (8)
Time Travel Is Good for You 100(4)
Tangled Times 104(9)
The Middle of the Journey: Looking 110(3)
Bigger Worlds: Finding the Way 113(23)
Junior Epics and Animal Magic 115(8)
In the Dragon's Belly, in the Skunk's DNA 123(5)
The Comic Epics 128(8)
Worlds Stained by Humankind: Making Choices 136(30)
Mind Has Mountains, Cliffs of Fall 137(5)
Unraveling the Past 142(4)
The Child in Worlds Where Evil Rules 146(7)
Where the Future Takes Us 153(7)
Weaving Wild Stories 160(6)
Battlefield Worlds: Fighting Tyranny and 166(41)
The Great Tradition 167(12)
Today's Classics 179(7)
New Mythologies 186(8)
Worlds Beyond 194(8)
Tales of Joy and Pain 202(5)
Bibliography 207(8)
Index 215