Catholics and American Culture : Fulton Sheen, Dorothy Day, and the Notre Dame Football Team


Catholics and American Culture : Fulton Sheen, Dorothy Day, and the Notre Dame Football Team

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Full Description

While in the early years of the century Catholics in America were for the most part distrusted outsiders with respect to the dominant culture, by the 1960s the mainstream of American Catholicism was in many ways "the culture's loudest and most uncritical cheerleader." Mark Massa explores the rich irony in this postwar transition, by examining key figures in American culture in the last century.NER(01): GB IE

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Introduction: ``Oh, the Irony of It All'' 1 (1)
``We Were Raised Different'' 1 (9)
The Irony of American History 10 (6)
Some ``Soundings'' at Mid-Century 16 (5)
Boundary Maintenance: Leonard Feeney, the 21 (17)
Boston Heresy Case, and the Postwar Culture
St. Cyprian and Emil Durkheim in Boston 21 (4)
Feeney and the St. Benedict Center 25 (7)
A ``Comic Opera Heresy''? 32 (6)
Young Man Merton: Thomas Merton and the 38 (19)
Postwar ``Religious Revival''
The Seven Storey Mountain 38 (5)
A Pilgrim's Progress 43 (6)
Erikson and the Postwar Revival 49 (8)
Catholicism as a Cultural System: Joe 57 (25)
McCarthy, Clifford Geertz, and the
``Conspiracy So Immense''
Senator McCarthy and 205 Communists 57 (5)
Religion as a Cultural System 62 (3)
``Tail Gunner Joe'' 65 (13)
``I Felt, with a Chill, Very Much at Home'' 78 (4)
``Life Is Worth Living'': Fulton J. Sheen and 82 (20)
the Paradoxes of Catholic ``Arrival''
Tuesday Evenings with ``Uncle Fultie'' 82 (4)
Christ and Culture 86 (2)
A Catholic Media Star 88 (5)
``My Little Angel'' 93 (9)
``The Downward Path'': Dorothy Day, 102(26)
Anti-Structure, and the Catholic Worker
``A Spectacle unto the World'' 102(7)
``Structure'' and ``Anti-Structure'' 109(2)
The Rites de Passage 111(10)
The ``Most Interesting and Influential 121(7)
Catholic at Mid-Century''
A Catholic for President? JFK, Peter Berger, 128(20)
and the ``Secular'' Theology of the Houston
Speech, 1960
JFK among the Ministers 128(5)
The Making of the (Catholic) President, 1960 133(9)
Kennedy and the Secularization of the 142(6)
``Into Uncertain Life'': The First Sunday of 148(24)
Advent 1964
The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy 148(8)
Lex Orandi Lex Credendi 156(3)
``Coming Home'' in Advent 1964 159(7)
Like Miss Haversham's House 166(6)
``To Be Beautiful, Human, and Christian'': 172(23)
The IHM Nuns and the Routinization of Charisma
The Cardinal and the Good Sisters 172(6)
Max Weber and Charisma 178(2)
Vatican II in Los Angeles 180(11)
The Ecclesial Shattering of Charisma's 191(4)
Thomism and the T-Formation in 1966: 195(27)
Ethnicity, American Catholic Higher
Education, and the Notre Dame Football Team
The ``Game of the Century'' 195(6)
Ethnicity and Catholicism 201(2)
John O'Hara and ``Notre Dame du Lac'' 203(10)
Catholicism's ``Holy War'' in the U.S. 213(3)
``Ethnic'' Catholicism at Century's End: 216(6)
Triumph and Irony
Conclusion: Magnalia Christi Americana 222(11)
``The Mighty Works of Christ in America'' 222(4)
American Freedom and Catholic Power 226(4)
What, Then, Must We Do? 230(3)
Notes 233(38)
Index 271