Entangled Itineraries : Materials, Practices, and Knowledges Across Eurasia


Entangled Itineraries : Materials, Practices, and Knowledges Across Eurasia

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Full Description

Much recent work in the history of science has focused on the circulation of knowledge within Europe, across the Atlantic World, and between the two poles of East Asia and Western Europe. The movement of knowledge across Eurasia (and especially across Central Asia) during the same period has been much less well-researched, despite recent scholarship on the silk routes. This volume considers the movement and circulation of materials, people, and practices-things that do not necessarily take a written form-across the Eurasian continent in the late medieval and early modern period, ca. 750 to 1800. Contributors examine processes of knowledge-making across large spans of time and distance and explore the methodological and evidentiary challenges of following non-textual materials and processes.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    xi
Part 1 Overview
Chapter 1 Nodes of Convergence, Material 5 (20)
Complexes, and Entangled Itineraries
Pamela H. Smith
Chapter 2 Trans-Eurasian Routes of Exchange: 25 (22)
A Brief Historical Overview
Tansen Sen
Pamela H. Smith
Part 2 Entangled Itineraries: Modes of Approach
Chapter 3 The Silk Roads as a Model for 47 (16)
Exploring Eurasian Transmissions of Medical
Knowledge: Views from the Tibetan Medical
Manuscripts of Dunhuang
Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim
Chapter 4 Things (Wu) and Their 63 (16)
Transformations (Zaowu) in the Late Ming
Dynasty: Song Yingxing's and Huang
Cheng's Approaches to Mobilizing Craft
Dagmar Schafer
Chapter 5 Curative Commodities between Europe 79 (20)
and Southeast Asia, 1500-1700
Tara Alberts
Chapter 6 . Translating the Art of Tea: 99 (42)
Naturalizing Chinese Savoir Faire in British
Francesca Bray
Part 3 Material Complexes in Motion
Chapter 7 The Itinerary of 141(24)
Hing/Awei/Asafetida across Eurasia, 400-1800
Angela Ki Che Leung
Ming Chen
Chapter 8 Smoke and Silkworms: Itineraries of 165(17)
Material Complexes across Eurasia
Pamela H. Smith
Joslyn DeVinney
Sasha Grafit
Xiaomeng Liu
Chapter 9 Itineraries of Images: Agents of 182(20)
Integration in the Buddhist Cosmopolis
Tansen Sen
Chapter 10 Itineraries of Inkstones in Early 202(25)
Modern China
Dorothy Ko
Part 4 Convergences and the Emergence of New
Objects of Knowledge
Chapter 11 Convergences in and around Bursa: 227(31)
Sufism, Alchemy, Iatrochemistry in Turkey,
Feza Gunergun
Chapter 12 A Wooden Skeleton Emerges in the 258(25)
Knowledge Hub of Edo Japan
Chang Che-chia
Notes 283(44)
Bibliography 327(52)
Contributors 379(4)
Index 383