Lost for Words? : Brazilian Liberationism in the 1990s (Pitt Latin American Series)

Lost for Words? : Brazilian Liberationism in the 1990s (Pitt Latin American Series)

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Full Description

Lost for Words? explores the rise and decline of progressive Catholic grassroots activism and its drive for social justice and democratic change in four low-income neighborhoods in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ottmann focuses on the obstacles faced by the poor who took seriously the claim that "the people" were to transform Brazilian society "from the bottom up." He follows their travails through periods of democratization, mass unemployment, and conservative backlash within the Church. Goetz Frank Ottmann moves beyond purely political analysis to record how residents and progressive Catholic activists were drawn into a struggle for a "juster" society, and how this movement began to unravel even before it reached its peak in the early 1980s. Based on in-depth interviews and participant observation, and drawing on theoretical insights from recent debates on social movements and the sociology of religion, he examines how, by the early 1990s, the liberationist movement had lost its following, lost its allies, failed to achieve its core goals, and seemed to die. Ottmann then shows how in recent years activists have worked to create a new and pragmatic form of religious activism, one that draws on a range of agendas, including Catholic feminism.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    vii
Introduction 1 (24)
The Voice of the Voiceless: The People, the 25 (23)
Struggle, Authenticity, and Popular Culture
Genesis and Crisis of the Liberationist 48 (36)
Struggle: 1968--1985
Institutionalization and Death of the 84 (25)
Liberationist Struggle: Mid-1980s to Mid-1990s
Dogmatic Liberationism and Pragmatist 109(25)
Responses to Everyday Needs
Resurrecting the Liberationist Spirit 134(25)
Liberationism at the End of the Millennium 159(22)
Appendix 181(4)
Notes 185(30)
References 215(8)
Index 223