Romanticism against the Tide of Modernity (Post-contemporary Interventions)


Romanticism against the Tide of Modernity (Post-contemporary Interventions)

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Translated by Catherine Porter. A theory that defines romanticism as a cultural protest against modern bourgeois industrial civilization.

Full Description

Romanticism is a worldview that finds expression over a whole range of cultural fields-not only in literature and art but in philosophy, theology, political theory, and social movements. In Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity Michael Loewy and Robert Sayre formulate a theory that defines romanticism as a cultural protest against modern bourgeois industrial civilization and work to reveal the unity that underlies the extraordinary diversity of romanticism from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. After critiquing previous conceptions of romanticism and discussing its first European manifestations, Loewy and Sayre propose a typology of the sociopolitical positions held by romantic writers-from "restitutionist" to various revolutionary/utopian forms. In subsequent chapters, they give extended treatment to writers as diverse as Coleridge and Ruskin, Charles Peguy, Ernst Bloch and Christa Wolf. Among other topics, they discuss the complex relationship between Marxism and romanticism before closing with a reflection on more contemporary manifestations of romanticism (for example, surrealism, the events of May 1968, and the ecological movement) as well as its future.Students and scholars of literature, humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies will be interested in this elegant and thoroughly original book.

Table of Contents

  Redefining Romanticism                           1  (56)
The Romantic Enigma, or ``Tumultuous 1 (13)
The Concept of Romanticism 14 (15)
The Romantic Critique of Modernity 29 (14)
The Genesis of the Phenomenon 43 (14)
Romanticism: Political and Social Diversity 57 (31)
Outline of a Typology 57 (26)
Hypotheses for a Sociology of Romanticism 83 (5)
Excursus: Marxism and Romanticism 88 (29)
Karl Marx 88 (11)
Rosa Luxemburg 99 (5)
Gyorgy Lukacs 104(13)
Visages of Romanticism in the Nineteenth 117(30)
Romanticism and the French Revolution: The 117(10)
Young Coleridge
Romanticism and the Industrial Revolution: 127(20)
The Social Critique of John Ruskin
Visages of Romanticism in the Twentieth 147(67)
Romanticism and Religion: The Mystical 156(13)
Socialism of Charles Peguy
Romanticism and Utopia: Ernst Bloch's 169(18)
Romanticism as a Feminist Vision: The Quest 187(27)
of Christa Wolf
The Fire Is Still Burning: From Surrealism to 214(43)
the Present Day and Beyond
Surrealism 214(5)
May 1968 219(6)
Contemporary Mass Culture 225(4)
The New Social Movements 229(1)
The New Religious Movements 230(2)
The Contemporary Romantic Critique of 232(17)
What Future for Romanticism? 249(8)
Notes 257(34)
Works Cited 291(20)
Index 311