The Violence of the Morning : Poems (Contemporary Poetry Series)


The Violence of the Morning : Poems (Contemporary Poetry Series)

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Full Description

This innovative new collection of poems by Cal Bedient is Nabokovian in its artifice, its fluency, and its scope - from Kant to Jaqueline Du Pres's Elgar, from Mother Goose to the Upanishads, from poems after the paintings of Corot, Monet, Matisse, and Klee to extended inquiries into the complexities of sexual and other relationships. The poems take up the task of asking what joy is available in the dark and terrifying waves of disease, broken love, and death. The persona voicings are varied, odd, and memorable; and the poems vary widely in their feel, their rhythm, their typology. Everywhere the language is outrageously wet and vivid - sliced orange language. Though the poems often take the form of couplets, quatrains, or some other repeatable structure, the results are daringly unexpected, irrational, compelling, astonishingly beautiful, and moving.

Table of Contents

Minotaur Provides for This Paragraph 3 (3)
Was It Stella, or was it Stella? 6 (2)
Out of the Woods Come Armies and Sexual 8 (2)
Jove's Thunder but a Murmur in the Leaves 10(2)
Go to the Middle of Anything, It Is a River 12(6)
Crushed Cargo 18(4)
Le grand tango 22(2)
How Can You Hear Me? I Speak from So Far... 24(1)
``To Be Beautiful, the Nose Must Be Straight, 25(4)
and the Eyes Blue''
They Liked It Because the Wind Blew, and Blew 29(3)
the Birds About
What Was William Painting? 32(3)
When the Gods Put on Meter 35(5)
A Three-Raven Field Talking Dirty Apple 40(1)
Number, I Gall You, Though You Bear No Name 41(2)
Pasting Nothing in the Wound 43(1)
Nice little n, your pearly tiles 44(1)
Take Me to the Godfish 45(1)
Modern Love 46(2)
Roaring Clover 48(3)
A Short Ailment. Appointed with a Swarm, 51(1)
Massy, Low
Not Shallow Smaller but a Larger Flickering 52(4)
The Day Is Extreme When There Is No Frame 56(1)
Rust with Night and Language in the Waste 57(1)
I'm Cooked, I'm Beefsteak Letting Go of the 58(2)
Grass's Tail
Cup of Astonishment and Desolation 60(1)
Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird 61(4)
You Should See the Letters I Would Have 65(1)
Written If They hadn't Agreed to everything
The outside Butterflies are Trying to Joint 66(2)
the inside Butterflies
Insatiability 68(1)
Till I Can Face Again the Cracked Open of 69(1)
Another Morning's Flaunted Wings
Romanza 70(4)
The Violin of a Little Monday 74(1)
Open Violin Case 75(1)
Icarus in Daedalus's Studio 76(2)
Every Color Is a Wolf 78(3)
No. 2 Pencil Quaquaversal Shout 81(2)
Venus Rolling Up Her Stockings because of 83(2)
Much Memory
Clouds of Willing Seen in the Bird Day 85(1)
Taller by the Non-Thinglike 86(2)
Feather's Wives Are All Good-Looking 88(2)
Here's a Development 90(3)
Notes 93(4)
Acknowledgments 97