Charters Vouchers and Public Education


Charters Vouchers and Public Education

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Includes cutting-edge research in the New York City, Washington, D.C., and Dayton, Ohio, school sytems.

Full Description

This volume brings together the most current empirical research on two important innovations reshaping American education today-voucher programs and charter schools. Contributors include the foremost analysts in education policy. Of specific significance is cutting-edge research that evaluates the impact of vouchers on academic performance in the New York City, Washington, D.C., and Dayton, Ohio, school systems. The volume also looks beyond the American experience to consider the impact of market-based education as pioneered by New Zealand. Contributors also take stock of the movement's effects on public schools in particular and public opinion at-large. With thorough summaries of the existing research and the legal issues facing school choice, Charters, Vouchers, and Public Education will be key to readers who want to stay current with the burgeoning debates on vouchers and charter schools. Contributors include Terry Moe (Stanford University and the Hoover Institution), Gregg Vanourek (Yale University), Chester E. Finn Jr. (Manhattan Institute and the Fordham Foundation), Bruno V. Manno (Annie E. Casey Foundation), Michael Mintrom and David Plank (Michigan State University), Helen Ladd (Duke University), Edward Fiske (former New York Times columnist), Jay P. Greene (Manhattan Institute), William G. Howell (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Patrick J. Wolf (Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution), Mark Schneider, Paul Teske, Sara Clark, and S. P. Buckley (SUNY-Stony Brook), Robert Maranto (Villanova University), Frederick Hess (University of Virginia), Scott Milliman (James Madison University), Brett Kleitz (University of Houston), Kristin Thalhammer (St. Olaf College), Joseph Viteritti (New York University), Paul Hill (University of Washington and Brookings Institution), and Diane Ravitch (New York University and Brookings Institution).

Table of Contents

  Introduction: A New Direction in Public          1  (18)
Paul E. Peterson
David E. Campbell
Part 1. Charter Schools
Charter Schools: Taking Stock 19 (24)
Chester E. Finn Jr.
Bruno V. Manno
Gregg Vanourek
School Choice in Michigan 43 (16)
Michael Mintrom
David N. Plank
Lessons from New Zealand 59 (24)
Edward B. Fiske
Helen F. Ladd
Part 2. School Vouchers
The Hidden Research Consensus for School 83 (19)
Jay P. Greene
Going Private 102(12)
Terry M. Moe
School Choice and American Constitutionalism 114(22)
Joseph P. Viteritti
Effects of School Vouchers on Student Test 136(27)
William G. Howell
Patrick J. Wolf
Paul E. Peterson
David E. Campbell
Part 3. School Choice and Public Schools
Hints of the Pick-Axe: Competition and Public 163(25)
Schooling in Milwaukee
Frederick M. Hess
Can Charter Schools Change Traditional Public 188(27)
Paul Teske
Mark Schneider
Jack Buckley
Sara Clark
Responding to Competition: School Leaders and 215(26)
School Culture
Frederick M. Hess
Robert Maranto
Scott Milliman
Part 4. School Choice and Civic Education
Making Democratic Education Work 241(27)
David E. Campbell
Private Schooling and Political Tolerance 268(25)
Patrick J. Wolf
Jay P. Greene
Brett Kleitz
Kristina Thalhammer
Part 5. Reflections on the Evidence
Reflections on the School Choice Debate 293(12)
Paul Hill
What is to Be Done? 305(6)
Diane Ravitch
Contributors 311(2)
Index 313