The West Wing : The American Presidency as Television Drama (The Television Series) (1ST)

The West Wing : The American Presidency as Television Drama (The Television Series) (1ST)

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Full Description

This collection of essays translates visual language into on-screen politics. While the series "The West Wing" may be criticized as "idealistic", its clever techniques of camera work, lighting, editing, and mise en scene reflect America's best image of itself, and entertains a loyal audience that wants to believe in the nobility of the American Dream. It introduces readers to the sensibilities to appreciate the show's nuances and the necessary knowledge to avoid any misreadings.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Contributors xi
Introduction 1 (16)
John E. O'Connor
Peter C. Rollins
Focusing on Issues
The West Wing: White House Narratives That 17 (15)
Journalism Cannot Tell
Donnalyn Pompper
The White House Culture of Gender and Race 32 (10)
in The West Wing: Insights from the Margins
Christina Lane
The West Wing (NBC) and The West Wing 42 (21)
(D.C.): Myth and Reality in Television's
Portrayal of the White House
Myron A. Levine
The King's Two Bodies: Identity and Office 63 (20)
in Sorkin's West Wing
Heather Richardson Hayton
Language and Structure in The West Wing
Dialogue, Deliberation, and Discourse: The 83 (18)
Far-Reaching Politics of The West Wing
Samuel A. Chambers
The West Wing's Textual President: American 101(24)
Constitutional Stability and the New Public
Intellectual in the Age of Information
Patrick Finn
The Left Takes Back the Flag: The 125(11)
Steadicam, the Snippet, and the Song in The
West Wing's ``In Excelsis Deo''
Greg M. Smith
From The American President to The West 136(23)
Wing: A Scriptwriter's Perspective
Jason P. Vest
Perceptions of The West Wing
The Sincere Sorkin White House, or, The 159(16)
Importance of Seeming Earnest
Pamela Ezell
The West Wing as a Pedagogical Tool: Using 175(12)
Drama to Examine American Politics and
Media Perceptions of Our Political System
Staci Beavers
Victorian Parliamentary Novels, The West 187(16)
Wing, and Professionalism
Michelle Mouton
Critical Responses: West Wing Press Reviews
Inside The West Wing's New World 203(10)
Sharon Waxman
The Feel-Good Presidency: The 213(9)
Pseudo-Politics of The West Wing
Chris Lehmann
The Liberal Imagination 222(13)
Jon Podhoretz
Bibliographical Overview
The Transformed Presidency: People and 235(26)
Power in the Real West Wing
Myron A. Levine
Works Cited 261(16)
Index 277