The Theater of Tony Kushner : Living Past Hope (Studies in Modern Drama)

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The Theater of Tony Kushner : Living Past Hope (Studies in Modern Drama)

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 2001. His most recent work, Homebody/Kabul, which opened shortly after September 11th, raises questions about morality, politics, and sexuality.

Full Description

The Theater of Tony Kushner is a comprehensive portrait of the life and work of one of America's most important contemporary playwrights.

Table of Contents

        List of Illustrations                      ix
Acknowledgments xi
The Feathers and the Mirrors and the Smoke 1 (20)
The Great Work Begins: A Short Biography 14 (2)
Grief Pushes Outward: Yes Yes No No 16 (5)
Past Heaven, through the Earth, to Hell: A 21 (17)
Bright Room Called Day
The Progress of Death in the Land of Pure 38 (16)
Delight: Hydriotaphia, or The Death of Dr.
Troubling the Waters: Angles in America. A 54 (39)
Gay Fantasia on National Themes
The Angel of History: Millennium Approaches 60 (15)
Living Past Hope: Perestroika 75 (18)
What Is to Be Done?: Slavs! Thinking About 93 (18)
the Longstanding Problems of Virtue and
Transformations and Convergences: Kushner's 111(58)
The Heart Chases Memory: The Illusion 112(9)
A Play for Lovers: Stella 121(6)
Give Me Meaning: St. Cecilia, or The Power 127(7)
of Music
Into the Desert: Grim(m) 134(5)
Between Two Worlds: A Dybbuk 139(12)
For the World Must Be Happy: The Good 151(10)
Person of Setzuan
Waiting by the River: Widows 161(8)
An Undoing World: Kushner's One-Acts 169(25)
And Then You'll Know Suffering: It's an 169(6)
Undoing World or Why Should It Be Easy When
It Can Be Hard? Notes on My Grandma for
Actors, Dancers and a Band
Strategies of Resistance: Notes on Akiba 175(3)
The Transmutation of Horror into Meaning: 178(4)
Reverse Transcription. Six Playwrights Bury
a Seventh, A Ten-Minute Play That's Nearly
Twenty Minutes Long
To Be with You Alone: Terminating, or Lass 182(3)
Meine Schmerzen Nicht Verloren Sein, or
Swimming in Guilt: G. David Schine in Hell 185(3)
My Tight-Wound Soul: And the Torso Even 188(1)
More So
Marvelous Dislocations: Home Body/Kabul 188(6)
The Great Work Continues: Screenplays, 194(29)
Activism, and Future Projects
Collective Expression: East Coast Ode to 195(3)
Howard Jarvis
Never Oh Never Oh Never Forget: Caroline, 198(8)
or Change
Forget Not the Unhappy: Henry Box Brown, or 206(2)
The Mirror of Slavery
Pessimism of the Intellect: Politics and 208(4)
Optimism of the Will: Future Projects 212(3)
Production History 215(8)
References 223(10)
Select Bibliography 233(34)
Index 267