Encyclopedia of African American Religions (Garland Reference Library of Social Science)

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Encyclopedia of African American Religions (Garland Reference Library of Social Science)

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Full Description

Preceded by three introductory essays and a chronology of major events in black religious history from 1618 to 1991, this A-Z encyclopedia includes three types of entries: * Biographical sketches of 773 African American religious leaders* 341 entries on African American denominations and religious organizations (including white churches with significant black memberships and educational institutions)* Topical articles on important aspects of African American religious life (e.g., African American Christians during the Colonial Era, Music in the African American Church)

Table of Contents

Contributors                                       xvii
Introduction xix
Abbreviations xxiii
Introductory Essays: Religion in the African xxxi
American Community
Larry G. Murphy
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Modern African xxxvii
American Religion
John Henderson Cartwright
Womanist Theology: Black Women's Experience as xlvii
a Source for Doing Theology
Jacquelyn Grant
A Chronology of African American Religion lix
Alphabetical Entries 1 (864)
Elijah Abel
Ralph David Abernathy
Thelma Cornelia Adair
C. C. Adams
Charles G. Adams
John Hurst Adams
Aenon Bible School
African American Catholic Congregation
African American Unitarian Universalist
African Islamic Mission
African Methodist Episcopal Church
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
African Missions and the African American
Christian Churches
African Orthodox Church
African Orthodox Church of New York and
African Orthodox Church of the West
African Theological Archministry
African Union First Colored Methodist
Protestant Church
African Universal Church
African Universal Church, Inc.
Afro-American Missionary Crusade
Afro-American Orthodox Church
The Afro-American Social Research Association
Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman
Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
Alabama Lutheran College (See: Concordia
Noble Drew Ali
Alexander Joseph Allen
John Claude Allen
Lineunt Scott Allen
Richard Allen
Allen University
Cameron Chesterfield Alleyne
Alpha and Omega Pentecostal Church of God of
Frank Wesley Alstork
John Wesley Alstork
American Association for Ethiopian Jews
American Baptist Black Caucus
American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.
American Baptist Theological Seminary
American Catholic Church (Syro-Antiochean)
American Muslim Mission (See: Nation of Islam)
American National Baptist Convention
Edsel Albert Ammons
Walter Hansel Amos
Duke William Anderson
Felix Sylvester Anderson
Herman Leory Anderson
Moses B. Anderson
Vinton Randolph Anderson
William T. Anderson
Ansaaru Allah Community
Anitioch Association of Metaphysical Science
Apostle Church of Christ in God
Apostolic Assemblies of Christ
Apostolic Church of Christ
Apostolic Faith Church of God and True
Apostolic Faith Church of God Giving Grace
Apostolic Faith Church of God Live On
Apostolic Faith Church of a Living God
Apostolic Faith Churches of God
Apostolic Faith Mission Church of God
Apostolic Holiness Church of America
Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God
Arkansas Baptist College
Josiah Haynes Armstrong
Benjamin William Arnett, Jr.
Jared Maurice Arter
Assemblies of God, General Council of the
Associated Churches of Christ (Holiness)
Association of Black Directors of Christian
Astrological Metaphysical Occult Revelatory
Enlightenment Church
Atkinson College
Joseph Sandiford Attwell
Ausar Auset Society
George Wilbur Baber
Robert Wellington Bagnall
Anne Penny Lee Bailey
William Franklin Ball
Baptist Foreign Mission Convention
Baptist, African American
(Imamu) Amiri Baraka
Jesse Belmont Barber
Barber-Scotia College
Josephus Pius Barbour, Sr.
Russell Conwell Barbour
Virgil M. Barker
Carnella Jamison Barnes
Henry S. Barnwell
Reginald Grant Barrow
Willie B. Taplin Barrow
Richard Oliver Bass
Bay Ridge Christian College
Harold Irvin Bearden
Mathilda Beasley
William Wesley Beckett
Ann Marie Becraft
Joseph A. Beebe
Henry Allen Belin, Jr.
William Augustus Bell
William Yancy Bell
Amos G. Beman
Ben Hill United Methodist Church
Benedict College
Edmund Robert Bennett
Robert Avon Bennett, Jr.
Bennett College
Joseph Benjamin Bethea
Mary McLeod Bethune
Bethune-Cookman College
James Luther Bevel
Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
World Wide
Bible Way Pentecostal Apostolic Church
Bible Way Training School
Edward Doyle Billoups
Cecil Bishop
Hutchens Chew Bishop
Shelton Hale Bishop
William Haywood Bishop
Bishop College
Bishop Payne Divinity School
Black Affairs Council
Black and White Action
Black Concerns Working Group
Black Council---Reformed Church in America
Black Judaism
Black Manifesto
Black Methodists for Church Renewal
Annie Walker Blackwell
George Lincoln Blackwell
Charles Edward Blake
George Wayman Blakely
Edward Wilmot Blyden
Charles Emerson Boddie
James Timothy Boddie
Isaiah Hamilton Bonner
William Lee Bonner
Theodore Sylvester Boone
LaVaughn Venchael Booth
William Holmes Borders
John Wesley Edward Bowen, Jr.
John Wesley Edward Bowen, Sr.
Joseph Thomas Bowens
Joseph Oliver Bowers
Eva del Vakia Bowles
Thea Bowman
Henry Allen Boyd
Richard Henry Boyd
Boydton Institute
David Henry Bradley, Sr.
George Freeman Bragg, Jr.
John L. Branham
Edward McKnight Brawley
Daniel R. Braxton
Edward Kenneth Braxton
James Albert Bray
John Douglas Bright, Sr.
B. H. Broadie
H. Hartford Brookins
Henry Chauncey Brooks
John Delaware Brooks
Robert Nathaniel Brooks
Walter Henderson Brooks
William Sampson Brooks
Oree Broomfield, Sr.
Calvin Scott Brown
Dillard Houston Brown
Edward Lynn Brown
Egbert Ethelred Brown
Hallie Quinn Brown
James Russell Brown
James Walter Brown
John Mifflin Brown
Morris Brown
Robert Turner Brown
Sterling Nelson Brown
William Cornelius Brown
George Daniel Browne
Robert Blair Bruce
Andrew Bryan
Harrison James Bryant
J. E. Bryant
John Richard Bryant
Henry Clay Bunton
John Melville Burgess
Francis Burns
Nannie Helen Burroughs
Charles W. Butler
Butler College
Vernon Randolph Byrd
C. H. Mason Theological Seminary
Shirley Caesar
Richard Harvey Cain
Josiah Samuel Caldwell
Eugene St. Clair Callender
Jabez Pitt Campbell
Campbell College
Alexander Priestly Camphor
Katie Geneva Cannon
Francis Louis Cardozo
Archibald James Carey, Jr.
Archibald James Carey, Sr.
Lott Carey
Edward Gonzalez Carroll
Nathaniel Carter
Randall Albert Carter
William Sterling Cary
Catholic Afro-American Congress Movement
Catholic Negro-American Mission Board
Joseph Dixon Cauthen
Tollie Leory Caution, Sr.
Canter of Being
Central Alabama Institute
Chamber of Holy Voodoo
Singleton Robert Chambers
Timothy Moses Chambers
Richard Allen Chappelle, Sr.
William David Chappelle
John Chavis
Frank S. Cherry
Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
Church of Christ Holiness Unto the Lord
Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.
Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)
Church of God (Apostolic)
Church of God (Black Jews)
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)
Church of God (Sanctified Church)
Church of God (Which He Purchased with His
Own Blood)
Church of God in Christ
Church of God in Christ, Congregational
Church of God in Christ, International
Church of Hakeem
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the
Apostolic Faith
Church of the Brethren
Church of the Living God (Christian Workers
for Fellowship)
Church of the Living God, the Pillar and
Ground of the Truth
Church of the Living God, the Pillar and
Ground of the Truth (General Assembly)
Church of the Living God, the Pillar and
ground of the Truth of Muskogee, Oklahoma
Church of the Living God, the Pillar and
Ground of the Truth, Which He Purchased with
His Own Blood
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the
Apostolic Faith
Church of the Nazarene
Church of Universal Triumph/The Dominion of
Churches of God, Holiness
Claflin College
Matthew Walker Clair, Jr.
Matthew Wesley Clair, Sr.
Caesar A. W. Clark
James I. Clark, Sr.
Clark College
John Henry Clayborn
Nelson Caldwell Cleaves
George Clinton Clement
Rufus Early Clement
James Cleveland
George Wylie Clinton
Isom Caleb Clinton
Joseph Jackson Clinton
Clinton Junior College
Helena Brown Cobb
Clarence H. Cobbs
Lillian Brooks Coffey
Daniel Coker
Caesar David Coleman
Charles Cecil Coleman
Clinton Reuben Coleman
Mattie Elizabeth Coleman
Johnnie Coleman
Clarence Nicholas Coleridge
Joseph Carlyle Coles, Jr.
William W. Colley
George Napoleon Collins
Colonical Era, African American Christians
during the Colonization, Emigration, and the
American Colonization Society
Coltrane, Alice (See: Turiyasangitananda,
Commandment Keepers Congregation of the
Living God
Commission for Catholic Missions among the
Colored People and the Indians
Commission for Racial Justice (United Church
of Christ)
Concordia College
James Hal Cone
Conference of Church Workers among Colored
Congress of National Black Churches
James Mayer Conner
Consolidated American Baptist Missionary
John Francis Cook, Sr.
Mary Shawn Copeland
Fanny M. Jackson Coppin
Levi Jenkins Coppin
Samuel Eli Cornish
Elias Cottrell
Philip Robert Cousin
Crenshaw Christian Center School of Ministry
Andrae Crouch
Samuel M. Crouch, Sr.
William Saunders Crowdy
Alexander Crummell
Paul Cuffe
Cumberland Presbyterian Church of America
Frank Curtis Cummings
James L. Cummings
George Edward Curry
Norris Samuel Curry
Daniel Payne College
Herbert Daniel Daughtry
Matthew Simpson Davage
Monroe Hortensius Davis
Noah Davis
William Howard Day
Jennie Dean
Richard De Baptiste
William Nelson DeBerry
Henry Beard Delany
Henriette Delille
Deliverance Evangelistic Centers
Deliverance Evangelistic Church
Edward Thomas Demby
Walter DeCoster Dennis
William Benjamin Derrick
William Fisher Dickerson
Dillard University
Richard Randolph Disney
Father Major Jealous Divine
Divine Word, Society of the Edward H. Dixon
Ernest Thomas Dixon, Jr.
Louie H. Dixon
Martha Cunningham Dolby
Thomas Andrew Dorsey
Floyd Ignatius Douglas
Bertram Wilbur Doyle
Timothy Drew (See: Noble Drew Ali)
Eddie R. Driver
P. C. Dumas
Alfred Gilbert Dunston, Jr.
Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in America
Edward Waters College
James William Eichelberger, Jr.
Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter, II
Samuel Chukukanne Ekemam
Zilpha Elaw
James Crawford Embry
Emmanuel Tabernacle Baptist Church Apostolic
Endich Theological Seminary
Episcopal Church
Episcopal Commission for Black Ministries
Saint Paul Langley Epps
Ernest Coble Estell
Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the United
States of America
Evangel Temple (See: International
Evangelical Church and Missionary Association)
Henry Evans
John Madison Exum
Faith Bible Church
Faith Tabernacle Council of Churches,
Falashas (see: American Association of
Ethiopian Jews)
Wallace D. Fard
Louis Farrakhan
Federated Colored Catholics of the United
Henry Feltus
Catherine Ferguson
Samuel David Ferguson
London Ferrill
Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the
Carl Anthony Fisher
Elijah John Fisher
Henry Lee Fisher
Miles Mark Fisher
Richard Laymon Fisher
Fisk Jubilee Singers
Fisk University
Joseph Simeon Flipper
Florida Memorial College
Charles Herbert Foggie
Julia A. J. Foote
James Alexander Forbes
Arnold Josiah Ford
George A. Ford
James Forman
William Alfred Fountain
William Ellis Foy
Joseph Abel Francis
Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart
of Mary
Leslie Francisco, III
Clarence LaVaughn Franklin
Martin Robert Franklin
Franklinton Christian College
Free Christian Zion Church of Christ
Free Gospel Church of the Apostle's Doctrine
Free Methodist Church of North America
Amos Freeman
Edward Anderson Freeman
Friends (Quakers)
Thomas Oscar Fuller
Abraham Lincoln Gaines
Wesley John Gaines
George Galbreath
Theophilus Momolu Gardliner
Henry Highland Garnet
Luc Anatole Jacques Garnier
Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Frances Joseph Gaudet
George Washington Gayles
David George
George B. Smith College
Emily V. Gibbs
Carey Abraham Gibbs
Jonathan C. Gibbs
Marshall Gilmore
Glorious Church of God in Christ Apostolic
Gloucester, John
God's House of Prayer for All Nations
Charles Franklin Golden
Morris Ellis Golder
Peter John Gomes
Joseph Gomez
John Washington Goodgame
Buford Franklin Gordon
Nora Antonia Gordon
Quinland Reeves Church
Gospel Spreading Church
Francis Herman Gow
Charles Manuel Grace
Abram Grant
Robert Alexander Grant
William H. Graves
William Herbert Gray, III
Sherman Lawrence Greene, Sr.
Greenville College
John Andrew Gregg
Louis George Gregory
Wilton D. Gregory
(Sister) M. Martin de Porres Grey
Sutton Elbert Griggs
Leonard Andrew Grimes
Samuel Joshua Grimes
Francis James Grimke
Curtis J. Guillory
James Arthur Hamlett
Hanafi Madh-Hab Center, Islam Faith
Gordon Blaine Hancock
Samuel Nathan Hancock
James Anderson Handy
William Talbot Handy, Jr.
Harbison College
Barbara Clementine Harris
Bravid Washington Harris
Catherine Harris
Cicero Richardson Harris
Marquis Lafayette Harris
Samuel Harrison
Eugene Clifford Hatcher
Hatzaad Harison
Haven Institute
Edler Garnett Hawkins
John Russell Hawkins
Gregory Willis Hayes
George Edmund Haynes
Lemuel Haynes
Garfield Thomas Haywood
Alexander Sherwood Healy
Eliza Healy
James Augustine Healy
Patrick Francis Healy
William Henry Heard
Anna Arnold Hedgeman
Dorothy Irene Height
Lawence Henry Hemingway
Alice M. Henderson
Ernest Lawerence Hickman
Samuel Richard Higgins
Higher Education, Church-Sponsored African
American Institutions of Highway Christian
Church of Christ
Richard Allen Hildebrand
Edward Victor Hill
William Henry Hillery
William Alexander Hillard
James Clinton Hoggard, Sr.
Jehu Holliday
James Theodre Holly
John Silas Holly
Lucius Henry Holsey
Holy African Church
Holy Family, Congregation of the Sisters of
Homer College
James Walker Hood
Hood Theological Seminary
Benjamin Lawson Hooks
Harry Hosier
House of God, Holy Church of the Living God,
The Pillar and Ground of the Truth House of
Prayer for All People (Hebrew Pentecostal)
House of God, Which is the Church of the
Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the
Truth, Inc.
House of God, Which is the Church of the
Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the
Truth Without Controversy
House of Judah
Edward J. Howard
M. William Howard, Jr.
Howard University
Joseph Lawson Howze
Anna Elizabeth Hudlun
(James) Langston Hughes
William Alfred Carroll Hughes
John Ellsworth Hunter
Thomas Elliot Huntley
Addie D. Waites Hunton
William Alphaeus Hunton, Sr.
John Hurst
Zora Neale Hurston
Huston-Tilston College (UMC)
William Lloyd Imes
Immanuel Lutheran College
Independent African American Catholic Rite
Interdenominational Theological Center
International Evangelical Church
Interreligious Foundation for Community
Telesforo Alexander Isaac
Bennie G. Isem
Islam as an African American Religion
Dotcy Ivertus Isom, Jr.
Jessie Louis Jackson
Joseph Harrison Jackson
Mahalia Jackson
Mary E. Jackson
Raymond S. Jackson
Rebecca Cox Jackson
Jackson State University
Frederick Miller Jacobs
Frederick Calhoun James
Monroe Franklin Jamison
Jarvis Christian College
John Jasper
Elmira Jeffries
David Vivian Jemison
Theodre Judson Jemison
William Henry Jernagin
Johnnie Colemon Institute
Vernon Johns
Harvey Elijah Johnson
Henry Theodore Johnson
James Weldon Johnson
John Albert Johnson
John Howard Johnson
Joseph Andrew Johnson, Jr
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
Sherrod C. Johnson
William Decker Johnson
Johnson C. Smith University
Mark E. Jonas
Absalom Jones
Charles Price Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Derusha Wilmot Jones
James Francis Marion Jones
Joshua H. Jones, Sr.
Lawrence Neale Jones
Mary Jane Talbert Jones
Ozro Thurston Jones, Jr.
Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr.
Raymond Luther Jones
Robert Elijah Jones
Singleton Thomas Webster Jones
William Augustus Jones, Jr.
Frederick Douglas Jordan
Joseph Fletcher Jordan
Joseph H. Jordan
Josephine Allen Institute
Josephites (See: St. Joseph's Society of the
Sacred Heart)
Ron Ndabezitha Karenga
Marshall Keeble
Edward Wendall Kelly
Leontine Turpeau Current Kelly
Otha Miema Kelly
George Dennis Sale Kelsey
Samuel Kelsey
Oscar Thomas Kilgore, Jr.
Frank Russell Killingsworth
Harvey Ben Kinchlow
Charles H. King, Jr.
Coretta Scott King
Lorenzo Houston King
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Sr.
Willis Jefferson King
Harold Merrybright Kingsley
Charles M. Kinney [Kinny]
Chester Arthur Kirkendoll, II
Kittrell College
Knights of Peter Claver
Knoxville College (Presbyterians)
Kodesh Church of Emmanuel
Lynwood Westinghouse Kyles
Othal Hawthorne Lakey
Edward Wilkinson Lampton
Isaac Lane
Lane College (CME)
Lucy Craft Laney
Elizabeth Lange
James H. Lark
Solomon Dorme Lartey
James Francis Augustine Lashley
Latter House of the Lord for All People and
the Church of the Mountain, Apostolic Faith
Marie Laveau
Alfred E. Lawless, Jr.
James Morris Lawson, Jr.
Robert Clarence Lawson
Austin Augustine Layne
Mrs. S. Willie Layten
George Junius Leake, III
Benjamin Franklin Lee
Jarena Lee
William Leonard Lee
Leland University
LeMoyne-Owen College
Felix L. Lewis
George Liele
Charles Eric Lincoln
Nathaniel L. Linsey
Livingstone College
Jermain Wesley Loguen
Thomas Henry Lomax
Lomax-Hannon Junior College
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention
Louisville Bible College
Louisville Christian Baptist Bible College
Edgar Amos Love
Emanuel King Love
Walter Raleigh Lovell
Joseph E. Lowery
Luther College
African American Lutherans
James Patterson Lyke
James D. Lynch
William H. McAlpine
William McCary
Walter McCollough
Albert Byron McCoy
Lewis Allen McGee
Mattie Carter McGlothen
George Alexander McGuire
B. Barton McIntyre
John Wesley McKinney
Jessey Jai McNeil
Elijah Lovette Madison
Malcolm X
Arenia Cornelia Mallory
Richard Arthur Marchenna
Eugene Antonio Marino
John Marrant
Andrew Cox Marshall
Arthur Marshall, Jr.
John Sella Martin
John William Martin
Joseph C. Martin
Richard Beamon Martin
Roberta Martin
Sallie Martin
Mary Allen Baptist College
Mary Holmes Junior College
Charles Harrison Mason
Wentworth Arthur Matthew
William Walter Matthews
Felton Edwin May
James Haskell Mayo
Benjamin Elijah Mays
Henry Irving Mayson
John Berry Meachum
Hampton Thomas Medford
Meharry Medical College
The Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ
Lightfoot Solomon Michaux
Milan Bible and Industrial Institute
William Henry Miles
Miles College
John Henry Miles
William Miller
William Russell Miller
Cedric Earl Mills
Donald George Kenneth Ming
Ministers for Racial and Social Justice
Mississipi Industrial College
Henry Heywood Mitchell
Benjamin Thomas Moore
Emerson John Moore
Jerry A. Moore, Jr.
John Henry Moore
John Jamison Moore
Morris Marcellus Moore
Noah Watson Moore, Jr.
Moorish Science Temple Divine and National
Movement of North America
Moorish Science Temple of America
Moravian Church
Morehouse College
John More-Moreno
Robert Morgan
Morgan State University
Elias Camp Morris
Samuel Solomon Morris, Jr.
Morris Brown University
Morris College
Morristown College
Otis Moss, Jr.
Mary Ella Mossell
Mount Calvary Holy Church of America
Mount Calvary Pentecostal Faith Church, Inc.
Mount Hebron Apostolic Temple of Our Lord
Jesus of the Apostolic Faith
Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple
Elijah Muhammad
Warith Deen Muhammad
Elisha Murchison
Henry Wendell Murph
Pauli Murray
Music in the African American Church
Muslim Mosque, Inc.
Louis Herbert Narcisse
Nation of Ishmael
Nation of Islam
Nation of Islam (Farrakah)
Nation of Islam (John Muhammad)
Nation of Islam (Silis Muhammad)
Nation of the Five Percent
Nation of Yahweh (Hebrew Israelites)
National Association of Black Catholic
National Baptist Convention of America
National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.
National Baptist Educational Convention
National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul
Saving Assembly of the U.S.A.
National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus
National Black Catholic Congress
National Black Catholic Seminarian Association
National Black Evangelical Association
National Black Lay Catholic Caucus
National Black Presbyterian Caucus
National Black Sisters' Conference
National Colored Spiritualist Association of
National Conference of Black Churchmen (NCBC)
National Fraternal Council of Negro Churches
National Missionary Baptist Convention of
National Office for Black Catholics
National Primitive Baptist Convention of the
Nationalism, Black
Nazarene Bible Institute
Willis Nazrey
New Bethel Church of God in Christ
New England Baptist Missionary Convention
Ernest Wilbur Newman
Decatur Ward Nichols
Roy Calvin Nichols
North American Old Roman Catholic Church
Gladstone St. Clair Nurse
Oakwood College (SDA)
Oberlin College
Oblate Sisters of Providence
Daniel Felix Oden
Leonard James Oliver
Operation PUSH
Organization of Black Episcopal Seminarians
Original Church of God (or Sanctified Church)
Original Glorius Church of God in Christ
Apostolic Faith
Original Hebrew Israelite Nation
Original United Holy Church International
Orthodox Catholic Church in America
James Hamilton Ottley
Sophia B. Packard
Emmett Moore Page
Paine College
Pan African Orthodox Christian Church
Hailu Moshe Paris
Henry Blanton Parks
James Oglethorpe Patterson, Sr.
Georgia E. Lee Patton
Nathaniel Paul
Thomas Paul, Sr.
Paul Quinn College
Christopher Harrison Payne
Daniel Alexander Payne
Payne Theological Seminary
Peace Mission Movement
Albert Witherspoon Pegues
Irvine Garland Penn
James William Charles Pennington
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
Pentecostal Church of God
Pentecostal Churches of Apostolic Faith
Peoples Community Churches
National Council of the Peoples Temple
John M. Perkins
Harold R. Perry
Rufus Lewis Perry
Ernest Leopold Petersen
Charles Calvin Pettey
Sarah Dudley Pettey
Philander Smith College
Charles Henry Phillips
Henry Vinton Plummer
Daniel Carleton Pope
Henry Phillips Porter
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.
Preaching and the Precher in African American
Presbyterian Church(U.S.A.)
Frederick K.C. Price
Hollis Freeman Price
Joseph Charles Price
Joseph L.Price
Primitive Baptists
Howard Thomas Primm
Quintin Ebenezer Primo, Jr.
Nancy Gardner Prince
George W. Prioleau
Henry Hugh Proctor
Progressive National Baptist Convention of
Mary Ann Prout
Robert Lee Pruitt
Pure Holiness Church of God
William Paul Quinn
Radio and Television Ministries in the Black
Abdul Rahahman
Florence Randolph
Paschal Beverly Randolph
Reverdy Cassius Ransom
Charles Bennett Ray
Sandy Frederick Ray
Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ, Apostolic
Reformed Church in America
Reformed Episcopal Church
Reformed Methodist Union Episcopal Church
Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church
Frank Madison Reid, Jr.
Frank Madison Reid, Sr.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints
Hiram Rhoades Revels
John Huston Ricard
Lizzie Roberson
James Deotis Roberts
John Wright Roberts
William M. Roberts
William Ernest James Robertson
George Dewey Robinson
Hubert Nelson Robinson
Ida Robinson
James Herman Robinson
Richard Grant Robinson, Jr.
Jasper Roby, Jr.
Roger Williams University
Cornish Romeo Rogers
Elymas Payson Rogers
Hubert Augustus Rogers
James Hubert Rogers
Roman Catholic Church
Charles Shelby Rooks
James Everett Rose
Isaac Nelson Ross
Mary Olivia Ross
Peter Ross
George L. Ruffin
Christopher Rush
Charles Lee Russell
Clayton Donovan Russell
Daniel James Russell
Rust College
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
James B. Sadler
St. Augustine's College
St. Augustine's Seminary
St. Joseph's Society of the Sacred Heart
Saint Paul's Bible Institute
St. Paul's College
Saints Junior College
Moses Buckingham Salter
Salvation and Deliverance Church
Salvation Army
Frederick George Sampson
James C. Sams
Daniel Jackson Sanders
Oscar Harwood Sanders
John H. Satterwhite
Victor A. Scantlebury
Lucille Marie Sherrod Scates
Alexander R. Schooler
David Thurman Schultz
Isaiah Benjamin Scott
Manuel L. Scott, Sr.
Marshall Logan Scott
Nathan Alexander Scott, Jr.
Solomon Timothy Scott
Second Cumberland Presbyterian Church in
U.S.(See: Cumberland Presbyterian Church in
Secretariat for Black Catholics
Selma University
Harold Benjamin Senatle
Seventh-day Adventist Church
William Joseph Seymour
Cornelius Thaddeus Shaffer
Alfred Sharpton
Alexander Preston Shaw
Benjamin Garland Shaw
Herbert Bell Shaw
Shaw Divinity School
Shaw University
S. McDowell Shelton
Marshall Lorenzo Shepard, Sr.
Odie Lee Sherman
Shiloh Apostolic Temple
Lemuel Barnett Shirley
Grant S. Shockley
James Alexander Shorter
Shorter College
Shrine of the Black Madonna (See: Pan African
Orthodox Christian Church)
Fred Lee Shuttlesworth
Peter Randolph Shy
James Simmons
William J. Simmons
Simmons Bible College
David Henry Sims
George Arnett Singleton
Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians
and Colored People
F. Herbert Skeete
Tom Skinner
Robbin W. Skyles
George Slack
Walter William Slade
John Bryan Small
Mary Jane Small
Amanda Berry Smith
Benjamin Julian Smith
Charles Spencer Smith
Clarence Jowars Smith
Elias Dempsey Smith
Emory Byington Smith
Francis L. Smith
John Wesley Smith
Karl Franklin Smith
Kelly Miller Smith
Kenneth Bryant Smith
Lucy Smith
Lucy Wilmot Smith
Noel Kenneth Smith
William Milton Smith
Willie Mae Ford Smith
J. D. Smoot
Job ben Solomon
Southern Baptist Convention
Southern Christian Institute
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Ruben Lee Speaks
Theodore Roosevelt Speigner
Spelman College
Hubert J. Spencer
Peter Spencer
Spiritual Churches
Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army
Charles Samuel Spivey, Jr.
Stephen Gill Spottswood
George Alfred Spywood
George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
Cyrus Augustine Starkey
James Terry Steib
Theophilus Gould Steward
George Washington Stewart
Imogene Williams Bigham Stewart
John Stewart
Luther Caldwell Stewart
William Andrew Stewart
Stillman College
Forrest Christographer Stith
Betsey Stockton
Rembert Edward Stokes
Frederick J. Streets
W. F. Gordon Stroud
Leon Howard Sullivan
Swift Memorial College
Melvin George Talbert
Frederick Hilborn Talbot
Samson Dunbar Talbot
Talladega College
Chester Lovelle Talton
Benjamin Tucker Tanner
John Tappan
Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate
Deon Yvonne Walker Taylor
Egbert Don Taylor
Gardner Calvin Taylor
James Clair Taylor
Marshall William Taylor
Prince Albert Taylor, Jr.
Luisah Teish
Tennessee Manual Labor University
Taxas College
Rosetta Nubin Tharpe
Theology, Black
Cornelius Egberton Thomas
Freeman N. Thomas
James Samuel Thomas
Robert Thomas, Jr.
Herbert Thomson, Jr.
Joseph Pascal Thompson
Howard Thurman
Charles Albert Tindley
Channing Heggie Tobias
Augustus Tolton
Henry Young Tookes
Fredrick Augustus Toote
Tougaloo College
Pierre Toussaint
Arthur Melvin Townsend
Trudie Trimm
Triumph the Curch and Kingdom of God in Christ
Arthur Stanley Trotman
True Grace Memorial House of Proyer
True Vine Pentecostal Churches of Jesus
True Vine Pentecostal Holiness Church
Charles H. Trusty
Sojourner Truth
Harriet Tubman
Charles Eubank Tucker
Henry Martin Tupper
Swami Turiyasangitananda
Turkish Orthodox Church
Franklin Delton Turner
Henry McNeal Turner
Nat Turner
Thomas Wyatt Turner
Turner College
Turner Theological Seminary
Joseph Marcel Turpin
Evans Tyree
Charles Joseph Uncles
Unification Association of Christian Sabbath
Unification Church
Union American Methodist Episcopal Church
Union of Black Episcopalians
United American Free Will Baptist Church
United Black Christians
United Black Church Appeal
United Christian college
United Church and Science of Living Institute
United Church of Christ
United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic
United Church of Jesus Christ(Apostolic)
United followship Convention of the Original
Azusa Street Mission
United Hebrew Congregation
United Holy Church of America
United House of Prayer for All People, Church
on the Rock of the Rock of the Apostolic
United Mathodist Church, Methodism, and
African Americans
United Pentecostal Council council of the
Assemblies of God
United Way Way of the Cross Church of the
Christ of the Apostolic Faith
United Wesleyan Methodist Churck of America
Universal Christian Spritual Faith and
Chruches for All Nations
Universal Church of Christ
Universal Church , The Mystical Body of Christ
Universal Foundation for Better Living
Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church
Robert Arthur Valentine
Richard H. Vanderhorst
James Varick
Vendantic Center
William Tecumseh Vernon
Michael Edward Verra
Verginia Baptist Theological Seminary
Virginia Union University
Voorhees college
James Wesley Wactor
Charleszetta Lina Waddles
Walden University
Charles Thomas Walker
David Walker
Dougal Ormonde Beaconsfied Walker
George W. Walker, Sr.
John Thomas Waler
Orris George Walker, Jr.
Wyatt Tee Walker
Paris Arthur Wallace
William Jacob Walls
Alexander Walters
Clara Mae Ward
Samuel Ringgold Ward
Thomas Marcus Dectur Ward
Andrew Jackson Warner
Booder Taliaferro Washington
Dennis Comer Washington
Joseph Reed Washington, Jr.
Wilbur Thornton Washington
William A. Washington
Charles Emory Rogers Waters
Edward Waters
Ethel Waters
Edgar Benton Watson
Thomas Watsom
Way of the Cross Curch of Christ
Alexander Walker Wayman
Samuel Weir
Wesleyan Church
Western University
Phillis Wheatley
Alfred Edward White
Woodie Walter White
Wilberforce University
Wiley college William Reid Wikes
Albert Cecil Williams
Arthur Benjamin Williams, Jr.
Elizabeth Barbara Williams
Geroge Washington Williams
Lacey Kirk Williams
Milton A. Williams
Noah W. Williams
Peter Williams, Jr.
Pter Williams, Sr.
Riley Felman Williams
Robert Simeon Williams
Smallwood edmund Williams
Joseph Willis
Gayroud Stephen Wilmore, Jr.
Frank Theodore Eilmor, Sr.
Arthur Walter Womack
Women in the Pulpit, African American
John Wesley wood
George Washington Woodbey
Cornelia Wright
Harold Louis Wright
Nathan Wright, Jr.
Richard Robert Wright, Jr.
Theodore Dedgwick Wright
Xavier University
Yanweh ben Yahweh
Yahweh's Temple
Andrew Jackson Young
George Benjamin Young
Rou Lee Young
A Basic Bibliography of African American 865 (12)
A Directory of African American Churches 877 (8)
Religious Organizations
Biographical Cross-Index by Religious Tradition 885 (6)
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